The Day My Writing Hand Stood Still

10:10 PM

I really didn't think I would experience this - the day when my writing hand stood still. I used to think nothing can keep me from writing. Then my son underwent an emergency operation on the night of April 8 and then nothing else mattered, not even my writing which I did even while sleeping (in my mind, that is).

It did not come like the usual writer's block when ideas just seem to run out, when fatigue overcomes the writing passion, or when a writer starts to doubt his reason for writing. It came with a quiet anguish that deadened the urge to write, just an eerie silence from the hand that seems to understand what its owner is going through. It would remain still until now when I saw a sense of normalcy coming back to my son's life.

For the first time after many years, I did not care about writing deadlines, attending events, or blog popularity. All these which are all important to me can wait. It was time to reevaluate priorities. It was time to attend to family.

My Say

The break did me good. It allowed me to view writing on an entirely different light. Now I know that writing is a part of me that cannot be taken away even if I stop to pause. Now I know it is like family who understands that sometimes I cannot attend to it but it doesn't mean I don't love it.

That said, now I know, it will always be there for me.

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