Why It's Absolutely Necessary To Start Your Fitness Plan Now

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At least at one point in our lives, we've heard ourselves say we're going to start a fitness program to begin our journey to better health. This idea remains an idea for many either as something that didn't go past the drawing board or something that just fizzled out like music without proper ending. We've known for quite some time that keeping fit is good for us. It is such a wonder then why most of us choose to sit on it rather than work it.

Here is why it is absolutely necessary to start your fitness plan NOW!

Because Later Easily Becomes Never

We like to think that there is always time to work on being fit but not just now. This is where we err to our great disadvantage. People who have successfully adhered to their own fitness program can attest that they owe such success to the fact that they chose to start it and actually kept on it. 

Starting something worthwhile is winning half the battle. The other half is determined by what we choose to do with the small battles that come in between towards our goals. Remember that later easily becomes never especially if we subject our bodies to neglect and indulgence. The harder it is to reach our goals, the more we find reasons not to act. Woe to the day when we surrender even before trying.

Because We Have the Right to Quality Life

Tell me why people rush to seek medical attention once they feel something off in their bodies. This is simply because of our natural instinct to preserve our lives. Therefore, if we want to live, why not have a quality life.

Leading a quality life is not about some standards that most people relate to a perfect life. It is about being in the state of general well being that allows us to enjoy life. Physical health is an essential aspect of well being. It makes sense therefore to take care of our bodies proactively instead of reactively. We've heard this often enough: Prevention is better than cure. A fitness program started now beats a rehabilitative program due to sickness, any time.

Because Being Fit Allows Us to Reach Our Goals 

One of the most used alibi for not pushing through with a fitness plan is there are more important things to do. What is often missed is that being fit allows us to work on our commitments more effectively. When one is fit, clear thinking and better judgment follows.

When keeping fit becomes part of a person's agenda along with his ambitions in life, reaching goals become easier. The body is up to the challenges brought about by work and personal responsibilities. A fitness program should not be treated as just one item to tick off on our to-do list. It should be something that is naturally part of us as we go about our daily routine.

Now for some important tips to keep in mind in determining your fitness program:

1. Make it doable and attainable by choosing a program that fits your lifestyle. It doesn't make sense to start a program which you know you cannot sustain.

2. Make it comfortable by wearing the right outfit like Fabletics. It wouldn't hurt to feel beautiful while working out. 

3. Make it fun by doing it with your friends. Get the motivation you need from others who are also willing to do what it takes to be healthy.

My Say 

I have recently made a pact with my youngest daughter to keep fit together. My working hours does not make it easy but we are definitely trying. 

That said, what makes us try to make it work is the realization that we have to help each other in the family to be healthy. By doing so, we are allowing our family to enjoy life more.

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