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Felisa De Leon

The real essence of AMBOS MUNDOS RESTAURANT has become obscured with the barrage of misinformation being propagated to serve the highly misplaced personal interests of some people. This misinformation is only best cured by presentation of facts and truth so the public may know. Trusting that I have provided the essential facts to clarify certain issues, I wish to shift my succeeding articles on Ambos Mundos Restaurant to a more positive light in preparation for what I expect to be positive developments in the very near future. 

Jose De Leon Gaudinez Jr. "Nene Ambos"

I will be coming  out with a series of articles which I will call the AMBOS MUNDOS RESTAURANT ANECDOTES.  It is intended to provide readers a glimpse of the people and the story behind the trade name through short and interesting or amusing accounts of how it was to grow up in the Ambos Mundos Restaurant environment.  These anecdotes will be based on actual incidents involving real persons as I remember them.

Welcome to our family's story! Welcome to the world of Ambos Mundos Restaurant!

Maria Teresa Gaudinez-Martinez

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