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The early management days of Ambos Mundos Restaurant was largely matriarchal in the sense that  women figured prominently in its leadership, operation , and direction.  They were extraordinary women in their own rights, all having strong personalities that will not bow down to male "domination".  It might not be a coincidence therefore that all of them never got married.

Leading the pack was Felisa de Leon.  To my recollection, she was the most quiet but she was the acknowledged "boss".  She was the one who turned over the main branch located at Estero Cegado in Quiapo to my father.

Following not far behind is her sister, Eulalia de Leon.  She had a very strong and outgoing personality.  She managed a separate branch in Quiapo.

Not to be outdone is Anacleta Gaudinez.  She always appeared to be the most aristocratic or "suplada", if you please, but I can attest that she was a very kind person.  She managed the branch in Ermita.

Eventually, another woman joined the group when my grandfather remarried.  Isabel Gaudinez also had an active role in the management of the Ermita branch. She can whip up culinary delights at the snap of a finger.

It is very interesting to note that those that came after them were all male - my father Jose and his brothers Luis, and Carlos.  Women however, remained visible in the management of Ambos Mundos Restaurant as their respective wives played active roles in it.

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