Parents, Are You Ready for the Opening of Classes?

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Yes, you read it right.  My question is posed to the parents and not the kids who are expected to be going back to school this month of June.  If your kids are anything like mine, they are as ready as they can ever be, excited and raring to go after almost two months of vacation.  I am just allowing myself to enjoy their eagerness while it lasts since I know fatigue will eventually set in at any time during the school-year and their sights will transfer to vacation time again.

By now it is safe to presume that most of us parents have again miraculously found a way to enroll our kids.  I really consider it nothing short of a miracle every time my husband and I are able to hurdle such a financially-challenging time.  So before we start another year of "stage-parenting" which we fondly call our hands-on parenting style, let us make a rundown of our checklist.

1. Medical Concerns of Kids

This may include yearly flu vaccinations and boosters when applicable,  teeth prophylaxis(cleaning), and routine check-up with the family doctor for recurring conditions such as allergies.  These procedures are best done before opening of classes to ensure that kids are physically ready for school.  Flu vaccinations are usually offered by the school way in advance to offer maximized protection.  Dentists recommend semi-annual cleaning and check-up both for children and adults. My children have the good fortune of having their teeth taken cared of by an excellent and caring dental practitioner. Medications taken regularly and continuously may need to be assessed for possible substitution or discontinuance.  A child who is sent to school while dealing with some physical pain cannot perform as well as he/she should.

2. School Uniforms, Shoes, and Undergarments

Buying new uniforms every year is not practical especially if the ones used in previous years still fit and are still in good condition.. School shoes suffer more wear and tear but good-quality shoes can easily last for two school years as long as they still fit. My children used their Happy Feet school shoes respectively for two school-years.  However, the need for repairs should be addressed before classes start.  Fit is not something to be sacrificed as a physically uncomfortable child in school cannot be expected to give his/her full attention to learning.  New undergarments and socks will have to be provided every year as they tend to discolor and lose their shape because of the year-round use.

3. School Bags

I don't know with other kids but my kids have luggage-like bags to accommodate at least 10 books and 10 notebooks.  Since the cost of the bags are not at all cheap, I expect the bags to last for at least three years.  I was pleasantly surprised when my son's Hawk bag with wheels lasted for five years and to be quite truthful, it appears to be ready for another year except that my son requested for a sturdy backpack for this year to be more fitting of his adolescent status. Oh how time flies...My daughter's Hawk bag with wheels is now on its second year and I expect it to perform as long as that of my son's.  Parents however should make sure to clean the bags thoroughly after the end of each school-year so that accumulated dirt will not lead to permanent damage.  It is of special note that the manufacturer offers warranty for repairs.

4. School Supplies

All school supplies left over from previous school-years should be kept and saved for the next years.  This is especially true with unused papers and folders, art materials, charts, maps, and others.  I also keep my son's projects just in case my daughter needs them.  Of course, we won't submit the same project but the materials can certainly be reused and the idea modified for greater ease in preparation.

5.  "Baon"

All school children know what "baon" is.  It can come in the form of food and drinks or money to buy food and drinks in school.  We don't actually give our children money and instead include their food requirements in the weekly marketing budget.  The small amount of money they have in their wallets are not expected to be spent except in extreme cases like the unexpected lengthening of class hours or emergencies.  We are very lucky to have very understanding children as they do not demand what we cannot afford.  The challenge for parents in a similar situation like ours is to provide food that will be exciting to eat even if prepared simply.

My Say

It is not an exaggeration to say that we parents have so much participation in the school affairs of our children that it sometimes feel that we are again going to school ourselves.  . When our children have to wake up early, we are expected to wake up earlier.  When our children have to stay up late to study or finish a project, we may have to stay up longer to provide the finishing touches.  Such is the role of  parents and I say this with no hint of complaint.  To echo the words of the patron saint of my children's school " I love, therefore I serve" and so we serve the needs of our children because we love them.

That said, so parents, are we ready?

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  1. This reminds me of a few years back when I had to do nost of these stuff for my niece. It was taxing but you do it all the same unselfishly coz you love her.
    It's school time once again, my admiration goes to all parents/guardians who do all these and more.....

  2. I'm not adjusting my body clock to classes next week, private schools here in dvo will yet have to start classes June 10, more than the kids.. I'm the ones that's so stressed :)

    Hope you can join my giveaway :)

  3. Yeah! It's time to apply the management principle of POSDC... meaning Planning daily menu on the table every morning, Organizing school supplies and see everything is available, Staffing or designating chores without affecting home works, Directing or setting up an appropriate study habits and Controlling may mean limitations on recreational activities during school days.

  4. I do agree with you, our involvement in our children's school gives us the feeling of going back to school again. The kids are excited but the parents are a bit worried about the finances.

  5. It's very nice to know that there are really parents like you who are very dedicated to love and serve their children. I can remember my elementary years when my Mama would wake me up early in the morning and it would take me another minutes to wake up. hehehe

  6. I'm done with these 'back to schoool' thing. Thank God. But turning the wheel of time, Ang pinakamahirap noon is preparing 'baon' for our kids. Maselan ang mga anak ko .

  7. I guess my parents has still have a long way to go before they graduate of being ready for their kids to school. Our youngest just started in preschool.

  8. Wow! A lot of parents are doing all the preaprations right now. And so do I, but not for my little one...but for my nephew...I just love to help.

  9. It is opposite here in New York, school is almost over and my kids cannot wait to have a summer vacation :-)

  10. these are great tips! will surely help all parents this coming school year. here in Bkk, some international school starts August and ends in June...two more weeks and will have our summer holiday! :)

  11. As much as I want to linger my sweet time for the summer vacation, I need to get ready for this opening of classes, and I am glad I am ready, it started last Monday with my boys.

  12. I am still a student and not a parent. LOL Yes, I am ready for law school :) Been waiting for it to start since last week. Haha


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