AMBOS MUNDOS RESTAURANT and My Persisting Heartache

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I was set out to write my Valentine's Day post this morning and was trying to find some inspiration scrolling down my Facebook wall when my attention was caught by something.  It was a picture of a black boar tied in front of an establishment with a question pertaining to the oldest restaurant in the Philippines.  Without even looking at the title found on the accompanying link, I knew this has something to do with Ambos Mundos Restaurant.

The feeling came automatically.  It was a dull ache that came from the depths of my heart brought about by the years of denied justice and of seeing antagonists enjoying the upper hand for so many years now.  The issue of Ambos Mundos Restaurant remains a persisting heartache to me.

Not many people can understand how a business name can have such an effect on me.  I will not even try to make everybody understand because that is simply impossible.  A person needs to be "in" the situation or at least have experienced a similar situation in life to truly understand.

The article I saw contained the usual misinformation that many food bloggers have written about before most probably because of the information fed to them by the false claimants.  It was evident however that the writer was not in the know of the truth since it tried to give an objective review of her experience with the restaurant calling itself "Ambos Mundos".  I decided to set the record straight by leaving my comment on the article including the name of this blog so she can refer to my articles.

It was very good thing that the writer readily provided an addendum to her article to correct the wrong information contained in it.  It is a tribute to her credibility as a writer to present the other side of the story.  Her quick action calmed me knowing that there are people who are willing to air the "other truth".

My Say

Although it is not in my place to demand that food bloggers do not feature that restaurant representing itself as "Ambos Mundos", I would like to make an appeal for the exercise of prudent judgment in promoting an establishment that willfully encroaches on the rights of others. With minimal online research, writers are bound to come across my blog when searching for Ambos Mundos Restaurant.  

I do not expect everyone to know the true story but it will be here for anyone who wishes to understand. The articles featured in this blog about Ambos Mundos Restaurant contain verifiable links to government agencies that have handled our case and they are open to scrutiny by interested parties.  They are public documents uploaded online by said agencies.

That said, I know there is only one cure for this kind of persisting heartache and that is immediate justice.

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