Waterless Car Wash - The Spray n' Go Product Review

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Car wash products and services are very much in demand in the market with so many cars owned by individuals and businesses here in the Philippines.  There is the traditional style and type of car wash and then there is Spray n' Go.  The latter presents a new car wash option via the Waterless Car Wash.

The Traditional Car Wash

Car owners bring their cars to a car wash shop where it will be washed with soap and water.  These shops typically use pressure washers while the car is being scrubbed manually.  A more recent innovation is the mobile car wash which carry plastic water tanks and pressure washers to perform the cleaning at the customer's home or office.  The method of cleaning is essentially the same as the traditional style except for the extra service of going to the customer.  Some mobile car washes also perform detailing work when required.

The Waterless Car Wash

Waterless car wash is also sometimes referred to as chemical car wash which may be a misnomer for brands that use purely organic substances.  Eco-friendly formulations are used to wash and polish the car surface.  This is seen as a green living option because of the various concerns attached to traditional car wash including the amount of water and energy resources used, the contamination of surface waters, and the contamination of soil and groundwater.  Contamination may occur when the car wash rinse finds its way to storm drains which will eventually lead to rivers and lakes.  This is especially true in driveway washing and parking lot style washing.  Professional car washes are required to have interceptor drains to capture contaminants before the wash residue enters the sanitary system.

Spray n' Go Waterless Car Wash

Using the Spray n' Go Waterless Car Wash system is very easy. 

A set which costs P 1,500.00 would include the following:
1. Waterless Car Wash and Quick Detailer
2. Waterless Rim and Tire Cleaner
3. Waterless Glass Cleaner 
4. One piece microfiber towel

Steps in Using Spray n' Go:
1. Pre-clean - dust, loose dirt and other contaminants on the car panel are removed by using a     
    feather duster
2. Spray - apply Spray n' Go with an even mist one section at a time while allowing it to settle to 
    lubricate and lift stubborn dirt
3. Wipe - wipe the surface with a microfiber towel in one direction to remove dirt
4. Buff - using the dry side of the microfiber towel, buff the surface in a circular motion

Offered Advantages:
1. No water pollution
2. No excess water usage
3. 100% environment-friendly, affordable, rain-repellant
4. Contains cationic surfactants which are not harmful like detergents
5. Scrubs, seals, and shields at the same time

Cost of offered car wash service : P 250.00

Target customers: Class A, B, and C, specifically those living in residential units that do not allow traditional car wash such as condominiums, commercial buildings, and other enclosed areas.  

Spray n' Go is a family owned business.  Its products are locally made.  It guarantees that only organic substances were used in the manufacture of these products.

My Say

When Spray n' Go contacted me to offer their free demo service, I was at first reluctant to accept since I wasn't sure how they can make my 12-year old car look impressively clean.  Since they were requesting for an honest product review, I decided to accept and see what their products can offer for my car.  It was a fortunate coincidence that at the time they were demonstrating their service and product, one of my neighbors was having her car cleaned by a traditional mobile car wash.  It gave me a chance to see the difference for myself.

A traditional home car wash would use from 80 up to 140 gallons of water depending on the size of the car.  The Spray n' Go system is designed to be waterless.  The wash residue of the traditional car wash found its way to the village drains while Spray n' Go didn't have such concern.  The traditional car wash costs less than a Spray n' Go service.  Waxing was done after the traditional car wash while the Spray n' Go system accomplished that in one sweep.  Cleaning the car using Spray n' Go can be done by the owner with no equipment needed while a traditional car wash needs a pressure washer unless he or she is willing to settle for a garden hose which is not the same.

That said, I think that Spray n' Go has rightfully identified their market although there might be some difficulty penetrating the C Market.  Car owners of lower economic levels may not be able to appreciate the product and service primarily because of the cost.  The product is perfect for people who have the time to clean their car by themselves or those who have someone else to clean for them.  The service is suitable for people who have the car but neither the time nor personnel to clean for them.

The fact that it seeks to address concerns about water and environmental contamination is quite commendable.  It has been 6 days since their demo car wash and I must say my beloved trustworthy car still looks proud and clean.

Products and car wash service have been given for free in exchange for a product review. All views and opinions belong to the author.

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