Never Wait for the Last Day to Say I Love You - The 101st Just Passing Thru Post

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The greatest tragedy of love is saying the words "I Love You" when it is too late.  There is a person who loves and is loved back without ever knowing just because these three important words were never spoken.  Words of advice to those who dare to love: ACT now, SAY it now, never wait for the last day to say I Love You.

This is true not only for the romantic kind of love.  It is a universal truth that it necessary to show love with words and actions to the people who we deem important to us.  There is no such thing as a presumption of love.  

Romantic Love

The hesitation to openly profess love for a man or a woman may be borne out of insecurity, fear of rejection, or misguided confidence that the person of interest will always be available at the chosen opportune time.  The problem with unspoken love is that it is often misinterpreted as a lack of genuine interest for pursuance of a romantic relationship.  This can lead the object of interest to cast her attention elsewhere and cut at the bud what could have been a wonderful and loving relationship.

The call to action is directed towards people who are in the position to handle a responsible relationship since those who may be too young could benefit from waiting a while longer.  Real love accepts the risk of rejection.  Knowing the truth is better than not never knowing at all.  Results will not always be positive and life goes on, whatever the case may be.

Love for Family

It is a mistake to think that family members will know that we love them.  It becomes more difficult to think of being loved amidst differences, quarrels, and physical separations.  If there are people who constantly need to be reminded of our love, it would be the members of our family.

Children need reassurance of love during the times they feel they failed their family in some way.  Spouses need to be loved even more as beauty and youth fades.  Aging parents need to be shown love especially in times of reversal of roles and they become dependent on their children  for care and attention.

My Say

The song "The Last Day" is one of my few favorites.  It has often reminded me to not to take anything for granted and to never to wait for the last day to do something which I really like to do.  In this love month, I have chosen this very song to accompany my photo video of people I have loved, love at this moment, and will love for the rest of my life.

That said, I dedicate this 101st post of Just Passing Thru to them.

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