Spas for Babies

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Who would have thought that spa services will be made available for babies and very young children?  We have not even probably come to terms with teen spas yet  which are quite popular in other countries already and now we are confronted with spas for babies.  Are there benefits to be obtained from bringing our little ones to baby spas or is it just one of those things that they can do without?

Spa for All Ages

Spas are closely associated with water treatment.  Day spas typically offer various health treatments for adults including bathing or soaking in different preparations such as hot springs, hot tub, mud bath, sauna, and steam bath; body wraps; facials; massage; nail care; nutrition and weight guidance; skin treatments; yoga and meditation; waxing; and personal training.  In essence, spas are intended to provide services intended for over-all well-being that primarily seek to renew not only the body but also the mind and spirit as well.

Because many of these services cannot be applied on children, spas catering to the younger group provide select services appropriate for their age.  Teen spas offer massage, exfoliation, manicure, and pedicure.  Children aged 5 to 11 are treated to pool soaks, hand and foot massage, and nail polish.  The youngest group consisting of babies to children aged below 5 are given opportunities for water play, massage, and yoga classes involving the mother. Spas for babies have indeed arrived on the scene although only quite a few are offering it in the country.

Water Play

Playing in water is naturally fun for most children especially when given various toys to be handled in water.  It becomes more interesting in the presence of other children as they try their hands on social interaction.  The water temperature is typically controlled to make the soak comfortable for very young kids.


The benefits of massage for babies have long been established.  In fact, mothers are highly encouraged to do it on a regular basis with their children at home.  Babies especially enjoy having their faces, chest, backs, feet, and legs massaged with a firm but gentle touch.

Spa Activities for Mother and Baby

Spas for babies also typically offer services that involve both mother and baby specifically mothers who are in need of some post-partum pampering that still involves being with their babies.  Mother and child bonding activities in a spa include bath soaks and yoga exercises that encourage trust and relaxation.  There are minimal times when a child is temporarily separated from their mothers for specific treatments. Baby spas have professional caretakers of babies so mothers can have their treatments without worrying.

My Say

Having had three children of my own and having undergone the physical, emotional, and psychological stresses mothers usually undergo after giving birth and taking care of babies, I could readily understand why many would choose to avail of the services of spas especially now that services are being extended to babies.  If given the chance before, I would probably have loved to experience this myself.  I've also read about a new party theme for kids at least here in the Philippines - the Spa Birthday Party being offered by Little Lamb's Kiddie Spa.  

New mothers however should know that they can actually give spa treatments for their babies at home without spending a lot.  A regular bath can be made more interesting with scented bubble bath products.  Massage can be given by learning safe techniques and using lotions and oils suitable for babies.  Even the postures and movements for simple yoga exercises with the babies can be learned .  

That said, there are benefits of spas for babies even when done in the comfort of one's home but some pampering time for mother and baby in a spa when budget allows wouldn't hurt either.

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