The Benefits of Outdoor Play for Children

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The children of today are growing more and more inactive physically because of their preoccupation with computer games and gadgets.  I have a feeling that the reason why most children get away with it is that their preoccupation with games also becomes a "convenient" option for parents who are usually very busy in earning a living. In effect, computer games become the default option for both parents and children.

What Makes Computer Games Convenient

Granting that a child has already been provided a computer or a gadget to play with and the cost of buying one is of no major concern, computer games are probably the most convenient form of entertainment for children and adults alike.  One need not go out of the house or dress up in  a particular outfit to play.  Once a child has the gadget on his hands, hours of non-stop fun can be enjoyed.

Parents need not worry about their children being out of the house and playing.  The attention span of children for this kind of activity is quite long and thus parents can keep on with what they are doing without much interruption.  It also requires the least amount of supervision in terms of possible risk for injuries,  However, supervision for the contents of games is an all together different matter.

A Generation of Physically Inactive Children

Due to the great attraction of computer games, the children of today have become the new batch of couch potatoes who either spend most of their time in front of the computer or hold a gadget in their hand wherever they go and sit on hours end playing.  While play is a positive word for children,  this is not the kind of play that will provide long-term benefits to them in terms of health and fitness.  The good old outdoor play remains to be the best option for physical fitness for children.

Parents will need to find ways that will encourage their children to be physically active and this includes being physically active as well.  Children are more willing to do it if they see their parents doing it .  Playing with the children in parks and playgrounds offers sufficient bonding opportunities for families while encouraging physical fitness.

The Benefits of Outdoor Play

Did you know that our children are naturally wired for outdoor play?  Playing outside the home is the natural inclination of kids.  Very few will say no to the adventure which the outside world presents.

Playing outdoors provides the most opportunities for exercise without stress.  Muscles are flexed as children try to balance and coordinate their body movements to achieve the object of the game. Fresh air and sunshine from the outdoors are important to growing kids .  Outdoor play also enhances creativity and promotes better socialization with other kids while lowering the risk of acquiring diseases related to having a sedentary lifestyle.

My Say

Children of earlier generations have been given the advantage and benefits of outdoor play.  There is no reason therefore for the children of today to be deprived of the same benefits by virtue of technological developments and advancements.   These gadgets are all well and good to use as long as children know that there is a time to stop for studies and outdoor play.  

The outdoor sports offered in schools may be prohibitive to some families because of the cost in training, uniforms, and length of practice hours.  Although these are good options as well for more formal participation in sports activities, there are more practical options such as playing in the yard or playground.  When we speak of benefits of outdoor play, we think more in terms of simple everyday games like piko, patintero, tumbang preso, habulan and the like.

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  1. Your right of what you said, many kids stay indoors because of so much fin with the computer but it always best to play outdoor with our children, that is why even how lazy I am I bring Camilla in the park and let her play for à while..

  2. I always appreciated the outdoors when I was younger and kids at this time should also spend time outdoors for one it would give them the chance to socialize.

  3. I suddenly miss my childhood :). I let my daughter play computer games only on weekends. I am glad that she loves playing outdoor games.

  4. I am lucky to have experienced a lot of outdoor activities when I was still a kid. I would play tagu-taguan, patintero, luksong baka, piko (and so many more). It's a bit sad that most kids just stay at home and play on their game consoles. My pamangkins are guilty to this since they're more focused with playing on the iPad and laptop.. they prefer this more over playing outside our garden.. which is truly sad as they've gotten used to this kind of comfort. :(

  5. Playing outdoors is a must for kids nowadays, especially since computer games have the power to hold their attention for a long period of time. Everyday, after school, after the kids have eaten their merienda, I encourage them to do their assignments first and then go out to either bike around or play badminton with their friends. So far, so good naman.

  6. Outdoor games are far better than the console games and computer games because not only they make the kids more active, these games are also forms of exercise.

  7. I let my girls play outside whenever we can to give them physical activities too since we've pretty much influenced them of being in front of the computer most of the time.

  8. I am half guilty for not allowing more time for my kids to play outside when they were kids, allowing them only when they're at province and with cousins to play around. What can I do, when technology already became a monster these days.

  9. My husband believes in outdoor play too. That's why we want to expose our kid to the outdoors even if she's still young .

  10. that's why my son loves to do yet sometimes I can't give that chance to him. Maybe because I work and at the same time I'm raising him together with his bby sister alone. But I guess i need to give them time too to be with me. Im so so bad. I should manage my time well.

  11. Outdoor play is beneficial for adults too, they (we) tend to be kids as well when we're with the kids playing in the playground. :) Since it has gotten cold in our region, we tend to visit indoor fun parks! Great tips as usual, I hope for some sunshine so we can go out...

  12. To encourage my daughter, I let her play outside with the kids from our neighborhood....She needs physical activity and exercise...

  13. My husband and I always wanted to at least visit a park with playground so that our little son can play outdoor. It is very healthy and children will learn to be independent.

  14. Having fun or playing children games games are the best exercise to develop the complete aura of the children. Playing outdoor games are essential because playing in an open air will freshens their mind and helps them to grow physically.


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