Healing Power of Writing

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Unfulfilled promises, personal disappointments, and loss of something valuable, have a way of getting to even the most optimistic people. Optimism is looking with hope and confidence about the successful outcome of something. It is also the capacity to look at the positive side of a negative situation. I have always associated optimism with courage, strength, and humor, and it is something I try to apply in my daily life. Sometimes though, I am not always successful and when I'm not, my writing pen tends to take a pause and the keyboard stays quiet...

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Letting the Hurt Sink In

In trying to be optimistic all the time, people tend to skip the very important part of letting the hurt sink in and be realized for what it really is - something that caused or causes pain in whatever form. We believe that we can recover faster if we don't think about it. Most of the time, it works, some of the time, it won't. 

When "not thinking about it" obviously doesn't work because we go about our day like hurt kittens moping about, it might be best to take a pause to shout or cry our hearts out and get over it. We cannot fool ourselves. We hurt when we hurt, even if we don't directly acknowledge it.

Healing Power of Writing

Since I started writing, it has become my main healing balm for unexpected and unavoidable pain, especially of the emotional kind. I am usually in a roll when I'm happy, producing one article after another with seemingly no effort at all. When sad, my writing pen usually pauses as I try to make sense of things and then I write. The results of my writing in both moods vary. I have produced works which I consider my best and my worst in both scenarios. 

Never the less, I think writing even my worst personal article helped me in some way at least during that time that I was undergoing something that made me write that badly. I have harnessed the healing power of writing mainly through blogging. There is freedom in writing what I feel like but I don't do it often lest I resort to ranting. Suffice it to say that I am thankful that I have something like writing and blogging to help me heal faster when I am going through a particularly rough day or time.

My Say

Blogging or writing online is not a license to dump negative feelings on the readers. Even with a very personal blog like this, I know I should not over-extend my welcome by listing all my personal difficulties here. Besides, give me some time, and I'll just be laughing at the reason why I wrote this.

That said, I encourage you to find something like what I found in writing to keep you sane when going through some difficulty. You can even put it into good use for others by helping them out in academically challenging circumstances. With www.customwritings.com
you can relieve your academic tension by ordering custom written papers in more than 50 disciplines. 

Allowing pain to stay in our hearts for very long is dangerous. Writing helps me hold my pain in my hand so it will just be big enough for me to handle. It is much easier to dissolve the pain when put in words to remind me that I shouldn't hurt more than what is necessary.

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