Why People Love Italy and Why You Will Too

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There’s something about Italy that makes you fall in love with it the second you touchdown at the airport. The elegance and fiercely passionate attitude possessed by the Italian community is just something to be admired. The way they communicate with each other makes you want to join in on the conversation, because it always seems to be energetic and intense.

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Not only that, Italy in a sightseeing perspective is utterly beautiful. Each city has a different vibe to it, with historic and modern architecture engulfed by top of the range fashion and swanky pizza and coffee joints. Italy really has an eye-watering, somewhat overwhelming, sense to it. 

There’s no better feeling in the world than waking up and walking out on to your hotel room’s balcony and just embracing the Italian scenery before you. It’s magic. For more information about accommodation choices, be sure to have a look at some examples on www.venere.com  
Here are a few reasons why Italy is loved by so many, and if you haven’t been…you ought to! 

Reason One: Food

Don’t worry if you don’t have the funds to splash out on an expensive meal because the Italians take ALL types of food seriously. Even if it’s just a standard Margherita pizza or a bowl of pasta, you can bet your life that the chef who rustles it up will put a classic Italian spin on it to give it that authentic taste. You won’t find a better Italian dish elsewhere!

Reason Two: Coffee and Wine

The Italians love their Coffee and Wine because they’re masters at making it. There’s nothing quite like an Italian made Cappuccino to kick start your day of roaming around the Italian towns and cities. The Barristers have coffee making nailed down to a T. It’s not just your simple instant coffee here, that’s scandalous - it’s more of an art form that will definitely leave you satisfied.
Ending the day with a few glasses of wine in Italy is at the top of most travellers' lists. Drinking wine in the country it was created in just gives it that different feel and taste. Like the coffee, there’s nothing quite like it anywhere else in the world. 

Reason Three: Shop Til You Drop

Famous for its high-end fashion, Italy is home to so many different shops your cards are sure to take a battering. But if you’re able to control yourself, even window shopping is a fun activity in itself. One can dream! 

Reason Four: Markets

The Italians love the market culture. In Italy, it’s not your standard market. Here, it’s a meeting place for family and friends, a social hub for all cultures to come and sample some of the fine homemade delicacies created by the Italian community. When the market is in town, it takes centre stage, that’s how important it is.

Reason Five: History

Everybody has heard of The Colosseum in Rome and The Leaning Tower of Pisa, but a lot of people haven’t actually been there to look at them. They really are something special. The Colosseum is almost intimidating in a way because of its brutal history and the architecture is just so different to what most of us are used to seeing everyday at home. 

For a better experience, hire out a scooter and weave your way (slowly) through the busy streets and take in all you can with the wind in your hair. 

So these are just a few reasons why Italy is simply magnificent - you’d be crazy not to visit! 

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