The IKEA Time Travel Experiment No. 2

11:53 PM

At best, people look into the idea of time travel with much skepticism and disbelief. This is not very difficult to understand considering that it has not been known to have been successfully carried out physically. But how about time travel through the mind? IKEA takes us to this possibility one more time through its Time Travel Experiment No. 2, this time with couple Jeff and Beth.

Imagining Possibilities 

Most people would indulge into thinking about their future but it is not always easy to do so in a realistic manner. How do we create a situation that can possibly approximate our future? IKEA helps its customers imagine possibilities right in its own bedrooms and bathrooms. Through the help of world-renowned hypnotist Justin Tranz, Jeff and Beth do not only get to imagine their future but experience it as well like it was happening now.

Experiencing Possibilities

For couples like Jeff and Beth, taking their relationship to the next level is the nearest possibility. How would Jeff pop the question? How would Beth react?

After marriage comes kids. How they would fare as spouses and parents will always be special points of interest for them. How would they fare with a five year-old son or a fifteen year-old son for that matter?

How will Jeff as a father answer his five year-old son's awkward question of "Where do babies come from?" Will he be able to provide an acceptable answer or will he just skirt the issue like most parents are wont to do?

How will the couple fare with a fifteen year-old son who considers what most people would call noise as music? Will seeing a glimpse of that future prepare them more?

Jeff and Beth got to experience all of these moments with the assistance of Justin. They were allowed to go through different future periods of time while in a deep state of hypnotism. While the power of suggestibility was very much expected to work with Beth who was open to this kind of ideas, skeptic Jeff still proved highly-suggestible enough to go through the motions while believing that everything presented to them was real.

It was very interesting to hear Jeff say that he will be a good dad. Beth was hinting on changing a few things. Experiencing the future probably has a way of making what we really want a lot clearer.

To complete our story, here is the full video of Jeff and Beth's time travel through hypnotism.

My Say

I have always wondered what I would do if were to know what will happen in my future. Sometimes I feel like knowing but then again sometimes I'd rather not know. Families make more memories at home than in any other place. Every room tells its story. Find your future bedrooms and bathrooms in IKEA as you and your family make memories together.

That said, remember that while we cannot totally control our future, we can always manage it a little more with wise decisions at the present time.

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