My Daily Morning Steps to Better Health

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One of my serious goals for this year is to have a better state of personal health. To keep my goals attainable, I have decided to keep it simple. In short, I would be trying to fit in my new goals in my real situation instead of trying to change my situation to conform with my goals which has proven to be very stressful for all of us in the family. 

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Here is what my daily morning steps consist of: 

Attend the Morning Mass

My husband and I have been doing this for more than two years now since my two young children had the same first period class schedules at 7 am. It is easy enough to attend the 7 am mass since the church is very near their school. After dropping the kids in school, we go straight to church. This takes care of our spiritual health.

Walk for at Least an Hour Daily

We have been trying to do this since time immemorial but hardly succeeded in making it a way of life for us. My husband and I tried again just before the Christmas vacation of the kids from school and realized that we found the hour after hearing mass as the best time for this. We also found out that it is best to do it before we buckle down to work since it is always more difficult to squeeze it in once we get busy for the day.

Have a Leisurely Talk Over Breakfast.

There was a time that my husband and I hardly talked, not because we were fighting but because we were too busy with work and obligations. Our daily walk gave us the time and the reason to talk unhurriedly once again. Our talks would usually spill over until breakfast and we finally learned to sit down once again while eating instead of rushing around while eating which was clearly unhealthy.

Do Manual Work

A few minutes after our leisurely but very simple breakfast, it is time for manual work for both of us. Having no household help, my husband and I have divided household work between us. At about this time, I will be doing the laundry while my husband will be cleaning the house. 

Do Online Work

After dealing with household chores and having some rest and freshening up, it's finally time to do online work.We will be doing this until an hour before it's time to fetch the children from school, only stopping to eat our lunch which would usually consist of rice and vegetables. We would usually take very small breaks in between just to neutralize the stress and prevent exhaustion. 

My Say

This is how my usual morning proceeds. No extraordinary rituals, no costly exercise regimen, no expensive food, but still aiming to be healthier and happier. With spiritual nourishment, exercise, healthy food, work, and rest, I am hoping to enjoy a better quality of life for myself and my family.

That said, these are my daily morning steps to better health, how about you?

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