Wednesday, August 20, 2014

IKEA Experiment with Time Travel

If you were given the chance to travel through time to see a glimpse of your possible future, would you take it? Adam and Sofi did through the IKEA Experiment with Time Travel. With the help of renowned hypnotist Justin Tranz, the couple was sent through an interesting journey of the mind.

As explained by Tranz, hypnosis is defined as bypassing the critical facility of the conscious mind and implanting selective thinking. In the IKEA Time Travel Experiment, Adam and Sofi were hypnotized into believing that they were actually in the future. They were brought face-to-face with life-changing events that take place in IKEA bedrooms and bathrooms, with the help of several actors. The purpose of the experiment is to let customers experience solutions in the future. Bear in mind that the couple has yet to start a family of their own.

This scene shows the couple with their supposed-to-be 12 year-old daughter celebrating her birthday.

This scene shows them 5 years after with the same daughter who is now bent on going to India with her yoga instructor George.

And finally, this scene shows them now that George has moved in their home with their daughter.

Adam and Sofi were made to go through these events in their lives while in deep hypnosis. The video below would show how they were able to play along the different scenarios presented to them. Tranz explained that this was made possible through the power of suggestibility. Humans are known to react and act based on "suggestions" from others, whether spoken or not. People who are going through intense emotions tend to be more receptive and accepting of the ideas of others.

The events "forced" on Adam and Sofi made them more suggestible or accepting of the scenario presented to them. These are events that would normally put the emotions of parents in high gear: a 12 year-old child demanding something which is not possible, a 16 year-old child going off to an adventure in India with her yoga instructor, and a 23 year-old child bringing home a man of different perspective. Their feelings made them more open to Tranz's suggestions.

Let us now watch the full video and feel the experience of Adam and Sofi.

My Say

What has time travel got to do with IKEA, a company that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, appliances, and home accessories? Nothing perhaps that will be quite obvious. But in bringing this couple to a time travel experience, IKEA has succeeded in pushing to the forefront the reality that the future will bring changes. Most of these changes will be happening inside our homes and that is inevitable.

That said, every life event will bring change. Have you noticed how our homes tend to change as well with every event that comes, no matter how small? Growing up kids require room changes. A child who leaves home leaves a space as well that needs rearranging. The same child who comes back with an added member certainly calls for major changes in our homes. 

Not all changes will be physical. We will be required to adapt emotionally as well as we all travel to our future. In the physical sense, IKEA will always be there as we continuously re-adapt our homes to our circumstances.

Find your future bathroom and bedroom at IKEA. You need not travel through time to do that.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

1Laba Day from Breeze ActivBleach - A Day-off Treat for Moms

Breeze ActivBleach is set to treat moms to a day-off from their laundry chores on August 28, 2014. This nationwide event is aptly tagged as 1Laba Day. It will happen simultaneously in different areas in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

1Laba Day

During the 1Laba Day, Breeze intends to wash 1 million stains using Breeze ActivBleach, the detergent that is able to remove the toughest stains in just one washing. Moms get to rest for the day while Breeze ActivBleach takes care of their stained clothes.

Breeze will treat moms to various entertainment activities while the Breeze Laba Ladies and Laba Machines, sponsored by campaign partners Electrolux, White Westinghouse, Whirlpool, ang LG do the work of stain removal from clothes. There are five main converging points for 1Laba Day including Metro Manila ( Pasig, Marikina, Quezon City, Pasay), North Luzon (Tarlac, Pangasinan), South Luzon (Laguna, Cavite), Visayas (Cebu), and Mindanao (Davao).

About Breeze ActivBleach

Breeze ActivBleach is the first of its kind with its 4-Enzyme technology that removes more types of stains with less effort and time. Better foam profile, quicker lather, and the presence of percarbonate TAED are just some of the things that put it ahead from the rest. Bleachable stains can now be removed without harming the environment. 

Be a part of the Breeze 1 Laba Day event and see for yourself how Breeze with ActivBleach removes 1 million stains in just one wash. Like the official Breeze Facebook page (@BreezePhilippines) and join the online promos to get the chance to win washing machines from partner brands. Consumers can also get free Breeze gift packs for every purchase of an Electrolux, Whirlpool or LG washing machine.  

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Gentle Discipline - A Contradiction No More

The words gentle and discipline are a contradiction of sorts. While gentle denotes tenderness and pacification, discipline is often associated with rigid rules and even punishment. Apparently, these two words can be used harmoniously together and result to better parenting.

"Gentle Discipline" will be one of the featured topics for the series of seminars to be facilitated  by Miriam College's Teacher Institute - G.U.R.O. The acronym stands for Growth, Upgrading, and Resource Office. G.U.R.O. is primarily focused on the personal and professional development of teachers and educators through accessible and continuing programs. 

This is exactly the reason why G.U.R.O. has organized a series of training workshops entitled Capacity Building for Public and Private School Teachers in the Early Grades (Preschool to 3rd grade). These are Saturday Seminars which will be held at Miriam College, Nuvali, Calamba, Laguna. The half-day seminar offered to parents just confirms that it takes the combined powers of parents and educators to bring up well-adjusted and productive children.

Schedule of Seminars

Aug 23, 2014
8:00 AM- 4:00 PM
Classroom Management
Aug 30, 2014
8:00 AM – 12:00 NN
Gentle Discipline
(A half-day seminar for parents)
Sept 20, 2014
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Teaching Reading and Mother Tongue-Based Multi-Lingual Education (MTB-MLE) in the K to 12 Program
Oct 11, 2014
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Teaching Math in the K to 12 Program
Nov 8, 2014
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Teaching Science in the K to 12 Program

The Parents' Seminar costs PhP 450.00 including snacks and handouts. Teachers' seminars cost PhP 1,000.00 per topic. This covers meals, handouts, and certificate. Those who wish to participate in any of the seminars are encouraged to pay in full at least 5 days prior to the scheduled seminar date. 

 Please deposit your payment to:
    Bank of Philippine Islands (BPI) account # 3081-1112-42.
    Account name:  Miriam College Foundation Inc.

Those who paid through banks are requested to fax or email a copy of their deposit slip to the number below.
If you are unable to make the full payment in advance, a non-refundable partial payment of PhP 300 is requested for every teacher participant also at least 5 days before the seminar-workshop.  The balance of PhP 700 may be paid on seminar day.

For parents attending the Gentle Discipline Seminar, full payment is likewise requested by August 18, 2014.  Otherwise, a partial payment of PhP 200 per parent is requested also by August 18, 2014; the balance of PhP 250.00 may be paid on the day of the seminar.

Contact Person: Desiree Pante
Telephone: (+632) 580-5400 up to 29 Loc. 1118
Fax: (02) 433-8500
Mobile: 0923 6890049/ 0916 5016787

Course Description

I.  Classroom Management
This course presents best practices in classroom and behavior management - from organizing time, materials, and classroom space to strategies for managing individual and large group student behaviors, transitions, lab activities, and other arrangements for classrooms in general.

II.  Gentle Discipline
Positive discipline helps a child develop a conscience guided by his own internal discipline and compassion for others. Discipline that is empathetic, loving, and respectful strengthens the connection between parent and child. Rather than reacting to behavior, discover the needs leading to the behavior. Communicate and craft solutions together while keeping everyone's dignity intact.

III.  Reading and Mother Tongue Based Multi Lingual Education
This course aims to provide teachers with the deeper knowledge, understanding and application of the mother tongue based multi lingual education.

IV. Methods of Teaching Mathematics in the K-12 Program
The sequence covers a spectrum of fundamental mathematical concepts most applicable for teaching at the elementary level. Among the topics covered are sets, logic, numeration systems, development of real numbers, integers, decimals and percentages, fractions, proportion and ratios, functions and graphing, geometry and measurement.

V. Methods of Teaching Science in the K-12 Program
This course is designed to acquaint prospective elementary teachers with current methodologies of teaching science for understanding and will provide you with practical experience, theoretical background, and pedagogical skills. This will be accomplished through modeling and by learning to design inquiry based lessons that provide strategies for dealing with the incredible challenge of teaching science integrating the seven environmental principles.

My Say

We parents usually think we know what's best for our children but most of the time we succeed in giving them the exact opposite. Discipline is an area where parents would lock horns with because of the many ways it can be done. We come from different environments, grow in different upbringings, and learn different values. It is no wonder there are so many views about discipline.

That said, in raising our young children, Gentle Discipline is worth considering. It is not about being weak parents, it is about putting respect and empathy at the very center of our parenting efforts. Instilling fear in our children will backfire, and we will never want that to happen. We can discipline our children gently and reap the benefits of doing so.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

SWAP Watch Goes Design-It-Yourself

When Tomato introduced its SWAP Watch last year, it released a new concept in the watch industry. This watch-line that features interchangeable silicone straps and water-resistant watch-faces has caught the attention of people who favor trendy and yet functional timepieces for their use. After an exciting year for SWAP, it now presents its latest offering - The SWAP DIY (Design-It-Yourself).

SWAP DIY (Design-It-Yourself)

Owners of SWAP watches have had some fun mixing and matching their own SWAP combos to fit different outfits, occasions, and times of the day. It made possible a totally new lifestyle where a few select pieces can produce unlimited combinations providing the impression of owning many watches, which is crazy-fun especially in the fashion aspect. Now let's take that a notch higher.

How about using your own personal design or photo (yes, think selfies) to be used on the watch-face? Quite cool, huh? You can get your personalized SWAP watch and pair it with your choice of strap color for only PHP 1000.


There's more! To make your timepieces even more personalized, why not go for the SWAP Loom. Joining the loom craze bandwagon, SWAP now makes it possible for you to create your own rainbow loom strap with your design pattern. Do flipside, crisscross, pentalock, or whatever loom design you want. For only PHP 350, you can avail of these SWAP straps ready for looming. Loom supplies are not included.

Tomato Online Store

Both the SWAP DIY and SWAP Loom are exclusively available through the Tomato Online Store at Of course, Tomato-branded clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories can also be bought through the online store.

Instagram: @swapwatch

My Say

I wasn't able to resist bringing home SWAP watches for every member of my family. It was time anyway for replacements of our watches. To say that my children were very excited to use them the very next day is probably an understatement.

That said, come on #SWAPyourlifestyle and get a  #SWAPdiy or #SWAPloom

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Beautiful and Healthy Beginnings for Your New Home: The Avida - Unilever Partnership

Nothing can be as exciting as taking your first step inside your new home. It signifies the fulfillment of one of the foremost dreams of Filipino families which is owning a home. With that excitement comes the hope of leading a fruitful and healthy life. Now you and your family can start right with Avida, Domex, and Cif.

Your new home will be like a blank canvas of unlimited possibilities, waiting to be filled with your ideas and personal preferences. As you add your personal things one by one, you complete the picture that has been in your mind for quite some time. You realize soon after that you will need to maintain your home mainly by cleaning and proper sanitation. Your decision to buy an Avida home just earned you a ticket to healthy living via a cleaning caddy containing a range of Unilever's household care products such as Domex and Cif. Homeowners can also look forward to a series of educational talks about cleaning and sanitation in partnership with communities' respective homeowners associations.

The Avida - Unilever Partnership

Avida Land is a subsidiary of Ayala Land Inc. that provides thoughtfully-designed homes in secure communities. Unilever Homecare is a leading manufacturer of quality products for the home. Together, they aim to work hand-in-hand in promoting healthy living and proper hygiene among Avida homeowners . This is primarily through creating awareness on the use of household cleaning products and encouraging the development of the habit of keeping homes clean.

The partnership was sealed through a simple ceremony where Unilever was represented by Dennis Chua, Domex and Cif Brand Manger and Avida was represented by Tess Tatco, Head of Avida Corporate Marketing and Nancy Delegencia, Customer Care and Product Delivery Head. When both parties were asked as to why each chose the other for this partnership, their answer was simple. Both believe in helping Filipino consumers live a quality and healthy life. They also happen to target the same market - the middle class.

My Say

It would take more than cement and wood to create a truly beautiful home. Happiness of the occupants is the main element. It would require many things to make families happy but the most important is good health. Everything else though still important is secondary.

That said, as new homeowners settle in for the night and see the fruits of their hard work in their new home, there is satisfaction in having dreams fulfilled slowly but surely. This is only the beginning.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Taking Care of Home Repairs Before They Result to Major Damage

All homes are bound to have some point of weakness in the face of natural disturbances such as storms. It is important that these points are taken cared of before it is too late. More so if there are obvious repairs needed to be done. Failing to attend to this immediately could easily result to more damage than expected.

This polycarbonate roofing in our garden seems to the weakest point in our own home. It was almost lifted off during the last storm. My husband had to tie it up and put metal clamps on it at the height of the strong winds. It was a good thing that it held up but we may not be as lucky the next time.

Without this polycarbonate roofing in its place, our side door will be fully exposed to the elements. Rain will be able to seep in without difficulty, not to mention that the roofing itself can cause further damage when it slams on another part of the house, or worse a neighbor's house or car. We know we need to find a more permanent solution for this especially since we are expecting many more typhoons for this year.

Taking Care of Home Repairs

1. Conduct regular inspection of all parts of the house ideally during cleaning time. This will ensure that no area is left neglected. Homeowners are often surprised by big repair requirements in areas which are not regularly checked.

2. Address minor repairs at once so they will not become major repair issues. A leaking faucet for example does not only waste water. It can also damage house parts that are reached by the seeping water.

3. Get the services of professionals for major repairs. A botched job of an amateur can easily result to more expensive return jobs. The services of licensed workers will be needed for house concerns related to safety like electricity, plumbing, and permanent structures.

My Say

Often, homeowners tend to delay repairs arguing that they have no time or funds for it. While these challenges are real, the problems that can possibly result from delaying needed home repairs are likewise real. Home maintenance is actually an ongoing thing. It never gets to be fully done.

That said, for the sake of protecting our loved ones and our properties, we need to give time for home repairs.

Monday, July 21, 2014

A Lesson in Adulthood Through Typhoon Signals

Just before the power went off in our area with the coming of Typhoon Glenda, I was having quite a good laugh reading this chart/photo from my Facebook feed. It is funny because it is so true. I had to explain to my children though what it was I was laughing about and in the process ended up with an impromptu lesson in adulthood.

Image Credit: wheninmanila/vincegolangco

Typhoon Signals

Most of us know how the drill goes. Pre-school classes are automatically suspended in all affected areas at Typhoon Signal Number 1. Typhoon Signal Number 2 automatically cancels classes in pre-school, elementary, and secondary levels. It is only at Typhoon Signal Number 3 wherein classes for tertiary level are cancelled. Ditto with work in all government offices. Private companies will have to decide on their own if they will suspend work for the day.

This is the reason why Pre-school, Elementary, and Secondary Level students fall under the human or "tao" category in the chart above. The automatic suspension protects these groups from possible harm that may be caused by the typhoon even at its generally humanly "tolerable" levels. College students are said to belong to the fish or "isda" category because a typhoon coming on at signal number 3 will require people to have some sort of amphibian skills to survive the outdoors. 

It is an all-together different ball game for working adults. They fall under the immortal category because they are expected to be out there manning their work posts regardless of the weather condition, sometimes almost as if they have some super powers to resort to. And that is what separates adults from children.

At least that is how the message of the chart came across to me.

Lesson in Adulthood

Adults are the ones responsible of keeping it together in times of natural and man-made threats. Children are to be kept safe at home so that adults can do their work without having to worry about their safety. That is how the order of things go.

Even in times of great danger, adults occupying critical positions in national and local safety are expected to be doing their jobs. The rest will need to look out for the welfare of their own community, household, and children. These responsible adults were once children who had the benefit of protection from the adults that came before them. 

College students who are the next in line are simply being to trained to carry on the responsibilities of adults thus the need to expose them to a certain degree of what reality is. There are dangers out there but somebody must be there to counter them. That responsibility falls squarely on the shoulders of adults.

My Say

The natural cycle of life will bring us all to the adult phase where we will be expected to carry on, regardless of the challenges. It is not something to be afraid of especially if each and everyone will do what is required of him or her. 

That said, I hope I can train my children well to grow up as responsible adults so that I'll know that I need not be afraid when their turn to take care of the affairs of the world comes.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What People DO NOT Understand About Being a Call Center Agent

I have never worked in a call center company, never. 

So what gives me the authority to talk about this topic? It is being a mother to a daughter who has probably made the rounds of the best BPO companies in the Philippines before working in a foreign land beckoned to her. During her time, call center companies were just beginning to be known among the new graduates and not-so-new as possible places of employment.  I have to admit that I was among those who did not fully understand what it meant to be a call center agent.

Allow me to enumerate the misconceptions many of us may have with regards to the job of a Call Center Agent:

The Job

I don't know whether my daughter purposely showed me the easy side of being a call center agent so I wouldn't worry or if she found it really easy. All I knew was that she went to work excited and went home as sprightly as ever. It was easy enough, so it seems.

But in the way that only a mother can know, I knew it wasn't. She went through all the possible time shifts I could imagine working in. She had to acquire a British accent for her UK accounts. She had to master the art of dealing with all kinds of people including the outrightly obnoxious and unreasonable ones. When she went home teary-eyed one day due to work pressures, we finally settled that it was not easy being a call center agent. 

It was physically, intellectually, and emotionally taxing but did she back out? Nah...she decided she'll stick it out to learn and then went on to build her career, challenge after every challenge. Never the less, being a Call Center Agent is not easy.

The Standard

Many people entertain the notion that the call center industry is where people who have nowhere else to go for employment can go. While it is generally flexible when it comes to educational background, gender, and age, among others, this does not mean that call center companies do not select their employees using set standards. Being employed particularly in a reputable call center company provides pride and satisfaction in being part of it.

My daughter puts it quite nicely. A call center company is not a place for losers. For every single day that she worked in one, there is always something new to be learned, always a new goal to be achieved, always an opportunity to be better. A call center agent will always have to look for such opportunities while giving the best to each and every client. A company supportive of employee development is a company that's worth sticking with and building a career on. 

The Demographics

During the course of her work in the first call center company she worked for, she asked me if I wanted to be a call center agent as well. I immediately dismissed her suggestion as nonsense because of my age. I was under the impression that all call center agents should be young but apparently, I was mistaken.

She had several co-employees who were actually my age then, and some older, who actually found working as a call center agent very productive and suitable to their work preferences. I think one of the reasons why the call center industry continues to attract new work applicants is the fact that age, race, appearance, are not major obstacles to work effectively in it. However, my daughter thinks having a pleasant professional voice is a plus factor.

The Money

It is not a secret that reputable call center companies offer impressive salaries and benefits to their agents. This has of course attracted many applicants since one would be crazy not to want all that. This has resulted to some misconception that call center agents are in it only because of the money.

My daughter attests to the fact that no matter how attractive the compensation package is, you wouldn't last a minute longer being a call center agent if you are not a "service person", without making your life miserable. Unhappy employees usually end up leaving eventually. Those who make good and stay happily doing the job are those that have real passion for it. It is not always about the money.

The Purpose

Answering calls or making calls is seen by some as a social job. What many people do not understand is the essence behind these calls. It is worth noting that companies like Sykes was created to connect "people in need" with "people who are willing to help". This company was borne from the owner's passion for helping people.

The job therefore asks for genuine service to be rendered. Some call center agents may have misled people from thinking that the job is all about partying by the way they present themselves in social media and other forums. The job itself however, is far from being a reckless party. It is a serious business of helping people in an atmosphere of genuine fun and camaraderie.One more thing, my daughter says it's not true that agents only get yelled at by irate customers and stressed bosses, they also get praises and rewards validating their hard work. 

My Say

I don't think many people can imagine climbing the ladder of corporate success through the job position of a call center agent. We have to remember though that all people in top positions in whatever industry, occupied a starting position somewhere below, during the early part of their careers. Even natural heirs to a business can benefit in starting from the bottom.

That said, you need to start working on your career dreams right now because they won't work unless you do. If you wish to succeed in the BPO industry, work on it as dutifully as you would for your dream job because it can be for the right people. Take it from the mother of a proud veteran BPO employee. It isn't for everybody. Do you think it's for you?

This is an entry to the Sykes E-Recruitment Blog Giveaway

Sunday, July 6, 2014

One Fine Day at the Baywalk: Reintroducing Manila to My Children

While going out of Aristocrat Restaurant after a hearty lunch, my children's attention were caught by many people, particularly tourists, having their pictures taken just across. When they asked my husband and I what that place was, we told them it was the Baywalk. The very instant we said that, we knew we have been guilty of not properly introducing them to the City of Manila, a place where we were both born and spent most of our young lives in. 

Manila Boy, Manila Girl

That is how my husband and I have always been - Manila-dwellers, courtesy of his mother who lived since birth in Paco and my father who had his roots in Quiapo and Sta. Cruz. Although his father and my mother hailed from their respective provinces, we never got to the point of actually living in them and so it has always been Manila for us. We were happy living in Manila as we grew up but certain circumstances made us decide to raise our family outside it.

Strangers to Manila

We wanted a quieter place essentially. That decision resulted to my children being strangers to Manila. I hate to admit it but the things that stuck to their mind most about the city is its noise, dirt, and danger.  Now we know, we should have tried harder to balance that view. 

Discovering Baywalk

One look from my husband and I knew we were going to do something about it. Instead of getting inside our car to go home, the four of us crossed the street, hand in hand, to discover Baywalk with our children. Of course, the first thing they requested was to ride the calesa, and so we did.

Then came the picture-taking with the statues that were placed along the stretch of Baywalk. There was the statue of Arsenio Lacson, the legendary mayor of Manila. There was also the statue of Maximo Soliven, a prominent Filipino journalist and newspaper publisher. Of course, we didn't miss the statue of Lapu-Lapu, the first native who resisted Spanish colonization, just across Baywalk, specifically in front of Malate Church. The experience was actually like a fun way of learning.

My Say

This simple experience certainly provided my husband and I the chance to reintroduce Manila to our children. Though it will never be perfect, it will always be a city worth discovering. Now they are asking if we can go to Luneta, Manila Zoo, and other places which my husband and I have frequented in our childhood days but have somewhat felt "too ordinary" for them to visit because of the high-tech generation they are moving in. We couldn't have been more mistaken.

That said, I hope we can still make up for lost time so that Manila will never be a blur in my children's minds.


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