Sunday, May 24, 2015

Why My Children Do Not Fear the Dentist

Much as I try very hard not to show my fear of dentists, I have to admit it is still here in me. This is probably a result of combined experiences with dental pain, dentists who seemed unsympathetic to my obvious fear, and the generally cold and impersonal atmosphere of a dental clinic. Walking into one straight into the dental chair seemed like a death sentence of some sort. Fortunately, it is a different story for my children and let me tell you why.

The Dental Chair - Feared No More

Dental Fear

Fear of dentists and/or dental procedures is as real as the pain caused by an abscessed tooth. It is not imagined nor exaggerated, especially to the person experiencing it. Moreover, it makes one feel overwhelmed with a feeling of dread that can make a person actually feel physically ill.

People who have dental fear are most likely the ones who have low pain threshold or have gone through a particularly painful dental treatment episode. Others simply feel helpless and not in control sitting on the dental chair, triggering a feeling that is common in all phobias. Dentists must have realized that relaxed patients equal a more pleasant dental treatment experience for everyone, thus the effort to convert a visit to the dentist from a purely clinical one to something which can be shared and recommended to others. 

Why My Children Do Not Fear the Dentist

So now we go the main topic of my post which is why my children are not afraid of the dentist. It is true that we learn from experience. If it is to be of any consolation to myself, the "bad" experiences I had in relation to dentists during my childhood taught me what I should do so that my children will not develop dental fear for reasons that can be avoided.

Positive Introduction to Dentists

Perfectly aware that part of my own dental fear stemmed from being introduced to the dentist via an unbearable toothache, I made sure that my own children's experience would be positive. I took care of their teeth while they were too young to do it themselves and instilled in them the importance of learning to do it on their own. Their first visit to the dentist was quite pleasant.

There was no pain to worry about since their teeth were in very good condition. The dentist simply checked their teeth and cleaned them. He even allowed them to choose the flavor they want while he was firing away with children's stories. They even went home with free stickers for behaving very well. That first visit dictated their general attitude towards dentists and that proved beneficial to our family.

Factors to Consider in Choosing a Dental Clinic


Studies conducted among children showed that a high percentage of children-patients prefer a decorated dental clinic rather than a purely white one. The fun atmosphere somehow minimizes the fear factor, allowing a dental visit to become just one ordinary task to be accomplished during a family's day out in a mall. One very good example is the Asian Base Dental Group clinic in Lucky Chinatown Mall in Binondo.

The physical appearance of the dental clinic can set the tone of a child's reaction to it. During my time, the dental clinics we went to were located in medium-rise buildings behind doors that are usually identified by room numbers and the dentist's name only. A small waiting area filled with people would greet me and a closed door not far behind where the dentist treats the patients. I remember waiting for what seemed like ages with no option to go anywhere else even with the long queue. 

My work schedule does not give me the luxury of time so I tend to do what needs to be done whenever I get the opportunity. It is our yearly task to have the kids' teeth checked just before every school year starts. We found ourselves in Lucky Chinatown that day as I needed to buy something in Divisoria. It was actually my daughter who pointed to the Asian Base Dental Group clinic. She knows very well that I do not bring them into a dental clinic where they don't feel comfortable.

Since we would need to visit the dentist anyway, I thought we might as well try this dental clinic as aside from the need to have braces, I was confident that my children's teeth will not require much work. However, I needed to be assured of that thus the need for professional dental check-up. 


It is a good thing that the dental clinic personnel had the patience to show me around. She must have sensed I wanted some kind of assurance that I made the right decision to enter the clinic. The dental clinic is not big but the space was maximized to achieve an attractive and functional look.

It even had an x-ray room which to me is very convenient. Most dental clinics do not have this facility which would require patients to have their x-ray done elsewhere. I was also very happy to note that the clinic is very clean, well-lighted and appeared to have everything it needs to make a patient's visit very comfortable. 


As expected, the dentist confirmed the good condition of my children's teeth and recommended prophylaxis, application of dental sealant to specific teeth as well as fluoride treatment as preventive measures. The dental examination done was comprehensive so that proper notation can be done on the patients' records. 

Both my children were advised as well to wear braces, especially my son who had overlapping teeth. We certainly hope to work on that in the near future. The important thing is that we were given a clear explanation of the steps that need to be taken to take care of my children's teeth.

As we all know, it is not only children who need some distracting. Even adults do, so having something entertaining to watch gives patients another thing to do apart from thinking about the dental procedure to be done.


A friendly relationship between dentists and their patients is the most important determinant of whether patients will come back. I personally will never go back to a dentist who makes me feel embarrassed or silly for asking questions. I need to feel secure that I perfectly understand what needs to be done and at what cost. A good dentist will know this and I believe I have found such dentists at Asian Base Dental Group

My two children are all smiles after their respective treatments. That must be the much touted "Smile Experience" after being treated at the clinic.

My Say

Doctor-Patient relationship is really a matter of trust and respect. Dentists who fail to address their patients' fear will not help in  making dental treatments easier on both sides. While waiting for our turn, I heard the dentist making arrangements with an anesthesiologists for a particular patient who was requesting to be put to sleep while having his teeth pulled due to extreme fear. After which, she took the time to explain to the patient, who was a fully grown man,  what to expect during the procedure in an assuring manner.

That said, that gave me the feeling that my children are in good hands. For a mother like myself, I can't ask for anything more.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Creating a Kitchen That Will Accommodate Our Family’s Future

The kitchen forms the very heart of every home. This is where most plans and memories are made as a family. Having the dining area as its natural extension, this is where family members come together not only to eat but to share and enjoy life experiences. It makes sense therefore to envision how our kitchen can actually accommodate our family’s future.

Fortunately for us, there are people who are thinking about the very the same thing as I write. And mind you, they are not simply thinking about their own kitchens but ours as well. These are the people behind the many innovations from IKEA . We can all have the chance to get a glimpse of the possibilities through #IKEAtemporary.


IKEAtemporary is a temporary space set up in Milan for the World Expo for the purpose of exploring the many questions we are entertaining in our minds. What kind of kitchens will we have 20 years from now? How will we cook and eat our food? Tons of questions to be asked but how do we even start?

IKEA will lead the way by providing the possible answers to our questions. For the next six months, there will a packed schedule of events, workshops, talks, and cook alongs around all sorts of topics related to our home lives and the kitchen. And IKEA is certainly not monopolizing the discussion and welcomes ideas from those who are equally interested in coming up with a kitchen that fits a sustainable lifestyle.

Earlier Collaborations

In its quest to come up with the best kitchen innovation to address future needs, IKEA has collaborated with design students of Lund University and Eindhoven University of Technology. The result was the 2025 Concept Kitchen which focuses on how technology can help remove some of the barriers that keep us from enjoying everyday cooking. With things like self-refrigerating containers and a worktop that can give us recipe suggestions based on the food we put on top of it, we can actually look forward to cooking as an enjoyable activity.

The IKEA HACKA is another example of what our kitchens could be in the future. It embraces the growing trend of modifying and customising products to make them entirely our own. The idea of an outdoor kitchen that makes it possible to combine IKEA products with things we already have at home or created ourselves is very inviting and practical. Imagine a kitchen that is totally unique and distinct from other kitchens.

The IKEA Temporary Invitation

IKEA issues an invitation for every one to participate:

We'd love to have some company while doing it. So why not come have a chat with us? If you can't make it all the way to Milan, come join us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter at @IKEAtemporary. Or visit our website at

My Say

Writing this post got me thinking really hard about how often I eat with my own family. I must admit that being certified food lovers, our family has spent more time in the kitchen more than any other place in our home. Still, having more occasions of eating together certainly wouldn’t hurt.

That said, eating is better done together with our family, the people who matter most to us. It is comforting to note that IKEA for one is not putting the quality of our future life to chance. Let us all take part in helping ourselves realize a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. It’s #bettertogether.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Benefits of Wearing Sunglasses

Protecting myself from everyday exposure to the elements is becoming more and more a personal commitment than anything else. Age has taught me that good health is not an accident. It is a result of the combined forces of protection, proper care, and positive disposition.

Eye Care

Most people do not give  much attention to eye care until their eyes shows signs of trouble. Some even ignore the early symptoms to the great detriment of the condition of the eyes. Others just allow their eyes to be exposed to possible harm, indulging in activities without suitable eye protection.

The sun's light is especially glaring during this summer. While most of us have learned by now that umbrellas or protective clothing actually offer a degree of protection for our skin when we go outside, we tend to forget that our eyes need protection as well. The most practical to use are sunglasses.

More Than Cool or Trendy

While sunglasses are commonly used as fashion accessories to look cool or trendy, they serve the very important function of protecting the eyes from the sun's glare. They are especially useful in certain tasks such as driving to minimize squinting that tend to lead to road accidents. I myself am hopelessly blinded by the sun's direct glare without sunglasses and I know how dangerous that can be in driving. Most accidents just take a fraction of a second of distraction to take place.

Protection from the Elements

We are literally at the mercy of the elements once we go outside our homes. Wind, debris, and the sun's glare can easily harm our eyes without proper preventive measures. The wind can make our eyes dry. Debris may come from anywhere and can injure eyes in an instant. There is also such a thing as eye sunburn in the same manner as skin gets sunburned. Ultraviolet rays damage eyes and the delicate skin around them. Wearing sunglasses offers the first line of defense against eye injury and disease.

Cover Power

Wearing sunglasses also offer enough cover to hide eye-bags from lack of sleep, expressions that betray emotions, or just the simple fact that we got a little lazy to put on make-up. It does lend a pulled-together look when we don't have much time in our hands to fix ourselves before we leave the comforts of our home. 

My Say

I admit that there were times that I have not given enough attention to the care of my body especially during the younger years. Youth has a way of making us feel immortal thus our tendency for neglect in the aspect of health care.

That said, now I know better. With my eye grade steadily increasing by the year due to natural wear and tear, I need to be more careful and avoid other possible sources of harm that can be prevented. Getting myself a pair of quality sunglasses is the first step for eye protection. I ordered my latest pair online from

Product Review

Allow me to share what I think about my new pair of sunglasses:

1. It is made of high-quality material and workmanship is clean thereby making it look more expensive than it actually is.

2. The price of $19.95 is very reasonable, considering its quality. There is a wide range of choices for cheap glasses as seen online.

3. Delivery time is acceptable considering that it went through the post office. I received the product in very good condition although I had to pay the post office a PHP 100.00 fee when it was delivered to our home.

With regards to product durability, I will let time be the judge of that. For now, I am very satisfied with the sunglasses I ordered. I expect to be able to use it for a long time.

I am sharing to my readers my special coupon code MariaTX20 if you wish to purchase glasses from the site with 20% off. currently has a big campaign for free eyeglasses which means all new customers can have a pair of free glasses ( optical sunglasses and sunglasses ). They only need to pay for shipping and handling fee. Check out this offer. 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Because I Am a Mother

Looking through our family albums one day, I happened to see one of my personal favorite photos of myself. In my eyes, I was especially beautiful in this photo regardless if I was obviously bloated, sans make-up, and with a red nose to boot. I believe I looked this way at least three times in my entire lifetime - yes, the three times when I was carrying a child in my tummy.

I successfully brought into this world three human beings - my children, after carrying each of them in my womb for nine months. My pregnancies were not without challenges but there are quite a few events in my life that could compare in the level of happiness and expectation. To say that I love my children is an understatement and I must admit that I had my share of boo-boos all done in the name of a mother's love.

The Third Degree Treatment

I literally gave my son-in-law the third degree treatment when he was courting my daughter. To say that I made life difficult for him is putting it lightly. As fate would have it, they eventually got married. Do I regret doing so? Not at the least because I knew that I successfully sent the message to him that he will answer to me if and when he hurts my daughter.

Fighting My Kid's Battles

I know I should let my children fight their own battles but sometimes it can be very hard to resist putting an especially nasty person in his place. My teenage son has a Facebook "friend" who regularly bullies him online (who needs enemies if you have friends like these?) One day while my son and I were side by side using the computer, I noticed my son typing intently as if angry. I couldn't help myself read what was on the computer screen and true enough his "friend" was again at it, this time spewing a mouthful of bad words for unknown reasons. Signaling my son to let me answer, I typed a very clear warning to his "friend" to stop or I'll copy all his abusive words and show it to school authorities. That effectively ended his bullying ways to my son.

The Shameless Fan

I am my children's shameless fan. I encourage (okay, sometimes force) them to participate in all sorts of productive school and community activities. I am more focused with my youngest who rarely volunteers. One seeming mistake that I did was to register her in an online children's course. We were literally fighting all the time because there was a schedule to follow  and she was obviously not up to it. I swore to myself I will never, ever enroll her in anything that she would not ask for. I was only able to redeem myself when I heard her say one day that she got a very high score in a school project because of the lessons she learned from that course. I chuckled and said to myself "Mother really knows best".

My Say

I won't claim to be a perfect mother. I've made the best and worst decisions simply because I am a mother. A mother cannot be unbiased when it comes to her own children because of the natural ties that bind. When my children are praised, the happiness I feel knows no bounds. When they are hurt, I feel the hurt many times over.

That said, let me ask understanding and forgiveness from my children during the times I went over and intruded in their privacy, questioned their choices, and used my authority to have my way. These instances were motivated by the instinct to protect rather than to rule as well as a mother's love that can sometimes be embarrassing but never dishonest.

Jollibee Perfect Nanay Video

Jollibee has prepared the "Perfect Nanay" video in time for the Mother's Day celebration on Sunday. This is especially touching because the actors are real life mom and son and the situations shown  are very relatable to almost, if not all Filipino families. Just like me, this mother surely only has the best intentions for her son and it's a good thing that her son acknowledges his mother accordingly.

Happy Mother's Day to all Nanays!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

What Makes Nanay Embarrassing Yet Endearing

All of us are bound to have some embarrassing yet endearing moments with our mothers. Since we will be celebrating Mother's Day this Sunday, I'm sure my own mother will not mind at all if I divulge some of ours in this post. Anyway, most of them can be deemed embarrassing on my part. So here goes:

Nanay as the Stage Mother

Like most mothers during her time, Nanay was also a stage mother. This has brought untold embarrassment to my young life. She would always boast to her friends and relatives about my "talent" for dancing and playing the organ. The result is always a mini show featuring myself, much to my chagrin. I had to grow up before I really understood where she was coming from. Now I know the feeling.

Nanay as the Better Dancer

Even if I had the benefit of having formal lessons in dancing when  I was a young girl, even if I was an active member of our school's dance club, and even if I am a lot younger than her, I definitely cannot hold a candle against her dancing prowess. My own friends never fail to make me realize this at every opportunity they get. When she hits the dance floor with her "amigas" with their respective dance instructors, I must admit I have mixed feelings of embarrassment and pride.

Nanay as the Fashion Plate 

When I was still living with Nanay, our favorite activity has always been shopping. She would often chide me for my conservative taste while I was incredulous with her trendy and sometimes outlandish choices. This difference is even evident in my wedding picture below. Note her puff sleeves which is not a common style to wear by the bride's mother. Even now, when my friends see me wearing something more fashion-forward than usual, they easily conclude that it was given by Nanay, which I have to admit is usually the case.

Nanay is hardworking like any other mother. She cleans her house with a frenzy uncommon for her age. She is a doting grandmother as well. I simply see her choices as a sign that she has found her "happy place" and that is good enough for me.

My Say

I think Mother's day is a perfect day to spend some time with Nanay. We always have a good laugh especially when she starts saying that she acts younger than I do. I really don't mind though especially since I never go home empty-handed especially with clothes and shoes. Yes, my dear readers, embarrassing as it may be to admit at my age, my mother still does a lot of giving.

That said, for a change, I would probably invite her to eat at Jollibee since it is offering a Chickenjoy price rollback specially for moms and families. Imagine getting a P18 savings for 1-Piece Chickenjoy with Jolly Spaghetti Solo for only P99 instead of the regular price of P117. The 1-Piece Chickenjoy with Jolly Spaghetti Value Meal is available for P109 from its regular price of P122. This is a clear P13 savings.

So to all Nanays out there, get ready to enjoy big savings on your favorite langhap-sarap pair with Jollibee while we all get a good laugh at what makes our own mothers endearingly embarrassing. I wonder what my own children are thinking of me. I dare not ask. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

How I Plan to Declutter My Home Kitchen

If I had my way, I would have wanted a big kitchen, far bigger than what we have now. A kitchen extension has always been part of the plan but we never really got to it. Something always comes up that needed more attention and the budget would end up going to other home projects. 

Summer is the default projected time for any renovation at home so I have been dreaming of a bigger kitchen for about eight summers know. This summer, I decided to be more realistic after reading an article about decluttering the kitchen. Why pine for a bigger kitchen if it is not yet possible when I can make the most of my existing kitchen by simply decluttering?

Here is how I plan to declutter my home kitchen:


When everything just spills out whenever you open a cabinet or a drawer just like in my case, you know you need to sort out through all of those things to determine whether they should remain in the kitchen or transferred to some other place in or outside the house. Most of us tend to accumulate clutter by reaching out for the nearest cabinet or drawer when we need to keep something.

This can be prevented by taking the extra effort to put everything in its proper place. Sorting through the accumulated clutter is probably the most challenging part as it requires considerable time. However, this step cannot be skipped if we are to attain any semblance or order in any part of the house. The kitchen requires special attention as the more space we have for the essentials , the easier it is to move about and produce the best meals for our family.


Clean is what you want your kitchen to be all the time. Who doesn't? It can be difficult in a sense since so much happens in a kitchen and I have yet to hear of one that cleans by itself.

Thus, I will be cleaning areas in the kitchen as I go through my clutter to ensure that previously unseen accumulated dirt is removed. Cleaning is a daily mantra for kitchens so I will need to do some amount of it as well each and every day. You'll never be sorry for keeping it clean especially health-wise.


Most homemakers will agree that the key to an uncluttered kitchen is proper organization. It is having a place for everything and everything in its place. Clutter does not happen overnight but it can be very difficult to avoid if there is no proper place for everything.

The probability that everything will be dumped in one place is high  with no suitable storage areas. I personally like the feeling of knowing exactly where to look when I need something. To ensure that my stress level goes a notch lower, I am considering adding storage areas that are both beautiful and space-saving.


Maintaining a decluttered kitchen need not be an impossible task. It would need consistency however in sorting, cleaning, and organizing. The key here is not to allow the clutter to pile up.

The moment the clutter reaches an unmanageable level, the harder it is to face and address it. The psychological effect of facing so much work can easily defeat our resolve to declutter our homes. I know, I've been there and it took all my will power just to give my kitchen a hard look and see what I need to do.

My Say

I am happiest when I am at home. That is why it is to my best interest to keep it uncluttered. With my propensity to collect, keep, and preserve memories through things though, that may be a tall order.

That said, I know I need to do this if I were to maximize my home space so decluttering should start now. Now on to the kitchen!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Should We Shelter Our Kids from the Real World?

Should we shelter our kids from the real world? This was the question that ran through my head over and over again yesterday when my own children had their very first experience of public commuting hassle at the LRT. My son was evidently angry at being pushed by the sea of commuters wanting to enter the train all at the same time. My younger daughter was teary-eyed from the fear of losing her grip from my hand. 

Silence and Acceptance

Yesterday, they experienced what their father and I have gone through many times in our lives, probably at a much younger age than them. Though we experienced the same difficulty, we bore it with silence and acceptance because we were used to it. Being pushed around in the name of getting a ride is part of everyday life, so was getting wet in going to school during rainy days, and perspiring profusely through our uniforms in especially hot days.

The realities of everyday living were no big deal. I walked the streets of places associated with my childhood - Quiapo , Quiricada, and Pasay with reasonable confidence. As many would know, this is not easy even among adults.

Comfort and Privilege

Then by some interesting turn of events, parents like myself became more protective of their kids. We vowed not to let our children experience the difficulties we went through. We brought and fetched them from school either in private cars or school-bus service. We chose schools with air-conditioned rooms for them. We even relocated to a quiet neighborhood.

Many of us are quick to react to any sign of difficulty encountered by our children. We either help solve it or solve it ourselves for them. Children of today are generally living lives of comfort and privilege judging by the way parents make everything easier for them.

My Say

Most parents, including myself, tend to make life easy for our children and here is where I got confused yesterday. Parents know for a fact that life is not easy and everyday can be a struggle. Are we sending our children out with helmets and goggles when we tend to shelter our kids from the real world?

The incident yesterday gave me a chance to open up with my children about the truth that their father and I will not be always around to protect and defend them. Sooner or later, they will need to take care of themselves and they would need to learn fast. Whether they like it or not, not every place will be as safe and quiet as our present place of residence.

That said, I know I need to learn to let go as much as they need to. I am praying that my husband and I would know when to tighten and loosen the hold. For the sake of my children, I hope we gain that wisdom.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Leaving for Tomorrow

Never fear tomorrow,
For it holds a surprise.
The fear of the upcoming,
Trembles me into a burrow.
Who knows what is the price,
When you cannot see the forthcoming.

Leaving for tomorrow,
Immediately at sunrise.
Friends yet returning,
Carrying such sorrow.
Missing our ties,
When I await the homecoming.

Leaving for tomorrow,
Thinking 'til the rise.
So much worth saying,
In the midst of inner sorrow.
Wishing more than twice,
To meet in the upcoming.

Looking at tomorrow,
Visions of past enticed.
A farewell is worth bidding,
Here is tomorrow.
It is time to rise,
With wishful thinking.


Reuben Pio Martinez

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Food and Movies Equal Simple Family Fun Time

Do you believe that sometimes it's just us that make having family fun difficult? We have so many conditions and standards to be set and fulfilled. Then after a long preparation (and usually higher bill), we can still end up frustrated because of the expectations.

That is why in our family, we keep it very simple. Food and movies make us very happy. We have absolutely no quarrel about them. These two combined together usually serves as a quick fix to an uneventful day.

As my work schedule will not allow us to do any activity for this Easter that would require much time and effort, it is a good thing that I received a very welcome invitation from Jollibee to watch the latest Spongebob Movie "Sponge Out of Water" with my family at SM Muntinlupa. After eating a satisfying snack as provided by Jollibee , we went straight to the best seats reserved for media. We quickly settled into an enjoyable movie viewing armed with a bag full of chips, nuts, cookies, candies, and water.

My daughter went home as well with a bonus prize - the Jollibee Color Magic Tumbler, when she found one of the winning stickers spread out in the theater seats under hers. I'm sure this will be fun to use for her as it is supposed to change color when it has cold beverage in it.

My Say

That pretty sums up our family's simple fun this Easter Sunday. Most importantly though, we made it in time to hear mass and that effectively sealed the day for our family. Now, I better get some sleep.

That said, 

Thank you Stratworks for the invitation...
Thank you Jollibee for the food and the movie...
Thank you God for my family.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

What Every Family Member Should Do to Maintain an Orderly Home

My attention was caught one afternoon when my daughter complained about how difficult it is to clean her small dollhouse. After only a couple of days from previous cleaning, it was again dusty. I good-naturedly kidded her to imagine my own frustration at looking at how our own home seem to self-destruct with chaos days after a thorough general cleaning. 

To think that her dollhouse doesn't even have live people in it to make it dirty and yet it still needs regular cleaning. How much more a house that accommodates family members who will not always be willing to share in the responsibility of maintaining it? Family members should know that keeping a house in order is a shared responsibility. Not one member should solely bear it since everyone in the family gets to enjoy living in it. 

Here are some things which every family member should do to maintain an orderly home.

1. Pick Up After Yourself 

Very few people can claim to have a personal assistant who will always pick up and clean the mess they leave behind. Now, even if you do, I doubt that everything will always be smooth-sailing at the home-front if you will never learn to pick up after yourself. If every member of the family assumes that someone else will do the cleaning up after, imagine the amount of cleaning-up that needs to be done by the unlucky one.

2. A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place

Life at home is really much simpler if family members know where to look for the things they need. The secret is having a place for everything and making sure that everything is in its place.  It only takes one family member to "forget" where he or she has placed a particular item to create a need to literally turn the house inside out once it is needed again. Such a waste of precious time.

3. Clean By Sections

I know how ideal it is to be able to clean the whole house in one gigantic sweep but let's be realistic. It will not always be possible. In fact, to some, it is impossible. Thus, cleaning by sections is the next best option. The sense of accomplishment increases at every finished section. Besides, maintaining a home is a continuous process so by the time you are finished with the last section, it is probably time to start again. One way to go about this more quickly is to assign specific areas to every member, appropriate to age and capability.

4. Clean the Small Mess

The obvious reason for a big mess is accumulated small messes. Family members should avoid the temptation of postponing cleaning up small messes by reasoning out that it is not yet needed precisely because they are still "small". You may find it hard to believe how fast these small clean-up issues pile up. 

5. Declutter Now

One of the hardest part in cleaning up is having so many clutter that it becomes difficult to move around. Resist the temptation to just move clutter around the house. Face clutter one at a time and decide which items need to go. The ones that need to be kept must have a final storing destination so that the tiring selection process need not be repeated. 

My Say

Looking at the picture of our own home above, the state of disarray may not be very obvious. Believe me when I say that it is in such a state that my son who has allergy to dust has been having persistent allergy attacks lately. Believe me when I say that we cannot seem to find the things we need. Believe me when I say that the tall weeds in our garden are making it look like it has not been attended to for months. 

That said, we love our home but we know we need to exert more effort to maintain a healthy atmosphere especially since my daughter is still recuperating from her recent sickness. I do not exactly know what my husband and I can do more since we are technically maxed out from physical work. That is why we need every help we can get from our children. I'm sure they will not let us down.

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