Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Easy-Palit Experience for Baby with Huggies Dry Pants

Taking care of babies has never been easy. Young mothers of today are much luckier when it comes to matters of convenience compared to mothers like me who went through the experience much earlier. One case in point is the availability of products like the Huggies Dry Pants which is not only convenient for mothers but to babies as well resulting to an Easy-Palit experience.

Huggies Dry Pants

Babies do not react very well when their playtime is interrupted. Huggies Dry Pants make it possible for mothers to change their babies' diaper without having to lay down their playful tots. A snug "saktong fit" is ensured together with up to 10-hour dryness. Mothers just need to add less than P1.00 to the price of the current taped diaper to have the feel of the Easy-Palit experience.

The all-around elastic waistband of Huggies Dry Pants  provides comfort and helps prevent red marks even during the child's most active play. The dual dryness system consisting of 100% breathable outer cover and the quick dry layer keeps fluid away from baby's skin. Removal of soiled pants is very easy courtesy of its tear-away side seams.

Step, Step, Up!

Changing diapers with Huggies Dry Pants is easy as 1, 2 , 3: left foot in, right foot in, and pull up so it is just STEP, STEP, UP. With these three simple steps, the dreaded diaper changing task becomes fun and playful. 

This commercial will show just how easy and fun it could be:

My Say

Having had taken care of three children of my own, I can attest to how challenging it could be to take really good care of them especially during their diaper days. It certainly helps to have products like Huggies Dry Pants to make the task easier so there will be more time for the other equally important things that need the mothers' attention as well. Of course, easy diaper changing results to happier babies and mothers too.

That said, no matter how difficult it was during my time especially when I was using mostly cloth diapers for my eldest child, I wouldn't forego the experience of motherhood. I can only look back at the most difficult diaper changing situations I were in with fondness and amusement. They will forever be etched in my heart, together with all the other memories I hold dear.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Waiting for Pope Francis

Like most Filipinos, our family eagerly awaited for the arrival of Pope Francis in the Philippines today. It did not matter that we were not able to go physically to the welcome route. The first glimpse of his face from the window of the plane that brought him to our land as seen on our TV screen was enough to fill our hearts with joy and hope.

The Pope Francis Charisma

What is so special about Pope Francis? So many things have been said about his simplicity and down-to-earth nature that have endeared him even to non-Catholics. His persona goes beyond the external manifestations like opting for simpler papal vestments, using public transportation whenever possible, and living in the guesthouse adjacent to St. Peter's Basilica rather than the papal apartments of the Apostolic Palace used by his predecessors.

It is the evident humility of a leader who preaches service to others and actually starts with himself. Wherever he goes, he is quick to remind the faithful to focus on the message he brings in the name of Jesus rather than himself. Admittedly, that is somewhat hard to do, especially for a society that continually hungers for a clear symbolism of the good in these very turbulent times.

The Mission of Pope Francis

Pope Francis brings with him the message of Mercy and Compassion. This serves as a fitting reminder especially to the Catholic flock that our faith will have more significance when it instills in us the value of practicing it with mercy and compassion towards other people. Bestowing mercy and compassion is not simply limited to the materially poor but also to those who are suffering from any form of deprivation.

Seeing the big crowd patiently waiting even for the briefest glimpse of Pope Francis as shown in the live coverage of several networks, I just couldn't help but wonder how greatly impacting it would be to our society if each and everyone would decide to follow the pope's lead towards practicing mercy and compassion. The smile on the faces of the people who were able to see him up close is indeed a refreshing sight compared to the grief that has become very familiar on screen with the passing of several natural calamities. Even I who was just watching from afar felt a lightness within as he breezed through the crowd like a holy apparition. 

My Say

Many of us have been waiting for the Pope's arrival in our country. While I was able to join the crowd in Pope John Paul II's last visit here, that would probably be impossible for me to do now. I would have liked to do so with my family especially for his scheduled visit to my alma mater, the University of Santo Tomas but alas there are commitments to take care of. 

That said, my enthusiasm for his visit is not at all dampened. I know that the strength of our faith is not measured merely by our physical presence in such momentous events. My family and I share in Pope Francis' call to minimize focusing on ourselves to be of service to others especially to those who are in dire need of assistance. While Pope Francis may not be able to miraculously remove all the ills in our society, here's hoping that we can find that inspiration to create the miracle starting from ourselves.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Coca-Cola Signs of Happiness: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

Business signs didn't matter much to me then. Except when they are exceptionally unique or humorous, I probably wouldn't even notice them. That was before I saw this video from Coca-Cola. Today, whenever I see one, I wonder at the story behind it and think of the person and reason behind it.

Women Entrepreneurs in the Philippines

Women have always been at the very foundation of businesses whether be it in small-scale sari-sari stores or in big corporations. In the Philippine setting, this is very evident in small to medium-sized businesses where the women entrepreneurs are into the day-to-day operation. We usually see them performing all roles related to the business, seeing no need to make any distinction as long as it will help push the business forward.

It is no secret that most women face many barriers when they try to succeed in the marketplace. It was never easy to penetrate it and it still isn't. Recognizing that women all over the world form the pillars of the business system, Coca-Cola has taken the initiative to help women entrepreneurs through the 5by20 Program.

The 5by20 Program of Coca-Cola

The 5by20 program of Coca-Cola is the company's global commitment to empower 5 million women entrepreneurs throughout its value chain composed of producers, distributors, recyclers, suppliers, retailers, and artisans. It seeks to address the most common barriers encountered by women in their bid to succeed in business. This it hopes to do by providing women access to business skills training courses, financial services, and connection with peers and mentors. Through this initiative, these women are expected to gain the confidence that comes with building a successful business. The target year is 2020, thus the name of the program.

In the Philippines, it is quite common to see small businesses named after their owners. This has much to do with the sense of pride that goes with owning a business. Women entrepreneurs display such pride and they show it in their business signs. 

To understand this behavior a lot better, watch this special Coca-Cola Video entitled Signs of Happiness. The visible signs we see are signs of happiness since every business owned by a woman does not only benefit herself and her family but the community as well. That is the secret of happiness in operating a business - having a reason for being that goes beyond self.

My Say

Empowering women, such powerful words, often used nowadays but never really quite making the mark. This just goes to show that much has to be done to make it work on a sustainable level. It cannot be accomplished without several forces working together and established companies like Coca-Cola can do a lot to make it happen faster.

That said, we all have our respective responsibilities towards this goal. It goes both ways. Entities who have the funds and logistics to move this goal to fruition must make the move and we can do no less in our own capacity.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Perfect Christmas - Is it the Absence of Lack?

It is very easy to get caught up with the whole idea of having the perfect Christmas. Most people, including myself have visions of what could make our holidays perfect - whole and functional family, a beautifully decorated home, warm delicious food, new clothes, gifts for everybody, and that secure feeling that everything is taken cared of, financially or otherwise. Perfect isn't it?  But who has such perfection in his or her hands? It depends on how we define a perfect Christmas.

The Perfect Family

In every family, there are bound to be conflicts that rips it apart. The so-called black sheep may be causing monumental embarrassment to the family. Unspoken agreement of trust may have been violated. There are even deep, dark secrets that no one wishes to go back to or speak about. Sometimes, the effect of these circumstances are too much that there is nothing left to do but stay away from each other just to keep an acceptable degree of peace going on and so family members find themselves going their separate ways.

Being in a less than ideal family set-up can be very painful especially during the holidays. We see so many picture-perfect scenes of families around us that our "lack" seem to be more pronounced than ever. Friends in a sense can be our family but during holidays, most will be with their biological families. It is lonely to have no family to speak of back home.

The Material Prerequisites

Nowadays, it seems happiness has a monetary tag attached to it. This is not necessarily a selfish behavior. Even the simplest meal or cheapest gift that can put a smile on the face on our precious loved ones' face comes at a price. 

Let us not even talk about grand and lavish dreams and concentrate on the most basic "requirements" to celebrate Christmas. There are people who can barely make it day-to-day, much more come up with modest holiday preparations. Again, the more abundance we see around us, the more obvious our "lack" becomes.

My Say

Age has taught me a valuable lesson. I cannot have everything I want and therefore I will always "lack" something or at least feel that way at varying points in my life. Through time, I have learned to remove my focus on what I don't have but rather give due attention to what I have. Whatever I have now - my family, my work, my small joys and big challenges are all precious.

That said, do I yearn for the common idea of perfect Christmas where there is absence of lack? Sometimes I do but most of the time I don't because doing so leaves me frustrated, stressed, and even angry. These are the very emotions that I least need during such a wonderful day as Christmas. I resolve therefore to change my definition of Perfect Christmas as a season or day where I have what I and my family needs. I wish to be happy and I will never be such if I insist on having everything I want and so will you.

Have a Blessed Christmas everyone!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

3 Biggest Parental Fears

I hate to admit it. I am constantly in fear that something bad can happen to my children when I'm not looking. It is not because I do not trust them but the fear of what the bad elements of society can do to them can be so real at times especially when I hear the stories of grieving parents who had to face the ordeal of losing a child. Today, I had to endure three long hours of such fear and it literally felt like dying. It was a parent's worst nightmare. The remotest possibility that I could lose my child gripped my heart with stone cold intensity.

Image Source: Prawny

This very recent experience brought me to a realization about parental fear. In my book, these are the 3 biggest parental fears that lurk in every parent's heart:

Fear for Our Children's Future

Most parents have a tendency to be afraid of not being able to provide for their children's future. The future is something so uncontrollable that it is impossible to fully ensure its outcome. The important thing here is to work on minimizing negative probabilities by investing in their education, both for academic and practical learning. While not all of us parents will be able to leave behind substantial material inheritance, making sure that our children are equipped to handle adult life and responsibilities well is the priority.

Fear of Failing Our Children

Children tend to put parents in a pedestal. Parents of course would not like to disappoint their children thus the great effort to hide character flaws, vices, and failure. We would not like to be the cause of our children's lowering of standards. Reality tells us though that hidden things come out one way or the other. This fear can serve as a motivation for us parents to do better as we guide our children in dealing with their own challenges and failures as well.

Fear for Our Children's Safety and Well-Being

Are parents of today becoming too paranoid when it come to children's safety and well-being? Can they be blamed for having such intense feelings of fear for their children's sake? Probably not, but this paranoia should not be the cause of unreasonably limiting our children's potentials. We can only do so much in protecting our own children and it will be impossible to be with them at all times. The best bet therefore is to train them in taking care of themselves.

My Story

Earlier today, we were unable to find our teenage son in the place where we agreed to meet after he went out with his friends. The agreement was my husband would fetch him once he's ready. We were surprised however to receive a text message from him to that effect, apparently more than one hour delayed. That started one of the most dreadful 3 hours of my life.

My husband quickly went to the appointed place after receiving the text and went back home after 2 hours without my son. It should be noted that the place is merely 5 minutes away from our home by car. My husband was already calling out my son's name even before he stopped the car in front of our house. He was hoping that our son  just came home by himself as he was nowhere to be seen in the agreed place. Upon confirming that he wasn't, I saw my own fear reflected on my husband's face.

Even before my husband came back, I had already called up one of my son's friend and confirmed that their group went their separate ways more than 2 hours earlier. All my son had to do was cross the street from their point of separation and he will reach our supposed meeting place. Clearly, the possibility of him just being late is definitely out of the question.

So what's the problem here?

This is our 14 year-old son who rarely go out without us. This is a boy who has not been exposed much to the reality that there are indeed bad people existing as we would proactively shelter him from the risk of encountering them. We were just starting to loosen our hold as we knew it's about time. It's about time to let him go step by step so he can discover the world, hopefully without getting hurt. And now this?

I was dressed up with the first clothes I can get my hands on even before my husband finished voicing his plea to me for help to find our son. The situation has become triple stressful since my husband has a heart condition and my youngest child has been reduced to tears already by then. I had to request our neighbor to just look out for my son in case he comes home and tell him not to go anywhere else before we all left to find him.

All sorts of dreadful scenarios were playing out in my mind. I was interchangeably praying silently and saying loudly for my son just to come home. I just wanted the feeling of dread to go away very quickly. I felt suffocated.

I knew that my husband already asked the guards in the establishment if they noticed our son but I simply had to ask again and both answered in the negative again. I was just about to request for CCTV access from the management when I saw the most welcome sight. It was my son entering the front door.

He was asking me what took us so long. He explained he just ate in a nearby store after waiting for almost 2 hours. That took some time as well because there were many customers in the food store as it was a weekend. All I managed was a hug and a few words of "Let's go home" while one of the guards confirmed that he actually saw my son earlier. I dare not say anything else as I was sure I was about to burst into tears, both from the stress and the feeling of relief.

My Say

Looking back, we could have easily prevented this stressful experience if my son had a mobile phone with him. My son is actually not fond of bringing one with him and will only do so when necessary. We all did not think much about the need since it was supposed to be the usual bring-and-fetch chore of parents. My son assured us that he can easily send us a message for any change of plans through any of his friends' phone. Besides, they were just in a mall 5 minutes away from our place so what can possibly go wrong? Apparently many.

We failed to consider other variables like the possibility of having delayed text messages. When my son's message from his friend's phone reached us more than an hour after, we were effectively very late then in fetching him. By the time my husband arrived at the meeting place, my son was probably in line buying his food nearby and everything else followed the domino effect.

It would have been very easy to contact him if he had a phone with him and we will not be forced to rely on asking his friends who last saw him more than 2 hours earlier.  

That said, now I know that we should not take anything for granted. Things happen so we should always prepare sensibly just like making sure that my children bring a phone with them especially when they're not with us. It also  makes sense to have a definite agreement about waiting to be fetched, which our family has.

This more or less covers matters like not going with strangers even when they say the instructions to fetch them came from us as well as informing us of any change of plans by whatever means possible. We try to make this kind of agreement for every possible situation like natural calamities and some other unexpected events. The main idea of these agreements is to find each other whatever happens.

For most parents, that 3-hour confusion and feeling of great dread is easy to identify with. For those who are unable to fully understand, try having your own child disappear from your sight without any explanation for mere seconds, then get back to me. 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

When a Clean Toilet Becomes a Reason to Celebrate

Most of us take having a clean toilet for granted, much more so just having a toilet for ready use. In many areas of the Philippines however, many less privileged communities do not have access to a single clean toilet facility. It is because of this sad truth that people affected by this lack sees the construction of a new toilet facility or even the repair of a dilapidated one as a reason to celebrate.

The Fiesta Star

In a typical fiesta scene, people will be rushing to the streets as they are drawn to the sound of a marching band. They expect to see the star of the celebration who could be a movie celebrity, a beauty queen, or a politician. Unilever Philippines through Domex, in its efforts to contribute to the One Million Clean Toilets Movement, created a video featuring a most unlikely star of a fiesta celebration - a new, clean toilet facility.

Domex Brand Manager Dennis Chua explains the reason for creating the "Fiesta" Domex video. He said that it is intended for people to realize the value of a toilet which most of us take for granted. Unilever Foods and Home Care President Benjie Yap adds that the company hopes that the video will raise awareness for toilet appreciation and sanitation. This is while helping less privileged communities gain access to clean toilet facilities.

Clean Toilets Towards Germ-Free Communities

People all over the country are becoming more and more aware of of the role of clean toilets in disease prevention especially among children. The Department of Health estimates that there are about 3,420 diarrhea-related deaths among children under 5 every year. These deaths are quite regretful especially with data showing that about 2,000 of these cases could have been prevented by having access to safe water, improved toilet sanitation, and personal hygiene.

My Say

I echo what Dennis Chua said that this video should serve as a wake-up call for all of us. The little things we take for granted like having a clean toilet are actually remote realities for many. We should be considering ourselves fortunate if we do have access to one.

That said, having a clean toilet can save millions of lives and we can do our part by simply watching the "Fiesta" video and asking our friends to watch it as well. Each unique view translates into a pledge for the advocacy campaign which collects pledges from households to conscientiously maintain their own hygienic bathrooms. For every pledge received, Domex will donate P5 to UNICEF’s sanitation program, towards improving access to basic sanitation in deprived areas around the world, including the Philippines.

Watch it now!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Lazada Launches Online Revolution 2014

Lazada launches the Online Revolution on 11 November 2014. This is touted as the biggest sale of the year in Southeast Asia. Those who are familiar and excited about Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Singles Day could easily appreciate this, especially since the Lazada Online Revolution 2014 promises to be bigger than these three. For one month up to 12 December 2014, shoppers can take advantage of sales, promotions, and discounts courtesy of the region's leading online retailer - Lazada.

What Does Lazada Offer?

Lazada offers a wide range of products including mobiles, tablets and consumer electronics, fashion items, household goods, toys, and sports equipment. It likewise offers effortless shopping through its fast, intuitive, and secure online shopping platform. Convenience and peace of mind in paying for purchases are also offered via payment methods that include cash on delivery.

Online Revolution 2014

The Lazada Online Revolution 2014 promises to start with a bang on 11 November as a day of mega sales. Every hour from 11 am to 11 pm, there will be a flash sale with up to 250 deals across each category.

Lazada's Daily Offers:

MasterCard Monday – enjoy 10% off when you pay with a MasterCard

Trendy Tuesday – find great bargains on the hottest items in Fashion, Home & Living and Watches

WOW Wednesday - go crazy with up to 70% off on products across all categories. This offer is exclusive to Lazada App users. Download Lazada App (Android & iOS) to have the chance to participate to this WoW (Win on Wednesday)

Tech Thursday - get tech-savvy with this steal on our latest technology gadgets and innovations

Flashsale Friday - it’s fastest fingers first every Friday for timed deals and steals. Ready, get set, click!

Wireless Weekends – save money on-the-go with our mobile exclusive sales
For more updates and details on the upcoming Online Revolution Month, please subscribe to our channels via Facebook (www.facebook.com/LazadaPhilippines), LINE (@LazadaPH) and WeChat (@Lazada_PH).

Bargain hunters can also visit Lamido, Lazada Group’s online marketplace, for other revolutionary deals.  Lamido is a C-to-C buy and sell platform, empowering merchants and consumers an easy way to conduct safe transactions. 

Lamido's Daily Offers: 

Phone Raffle on Facebook – stand a chance to enjoy the best phone deals from 1 – 10 November for Facebook fans who tag 11 of their friends and share Lamido’s post

Power Bank Raffle on Twitter – find bargains on power banks from 1 – 10 November on Twitter 

WeChat Flash Sales – get special discounts off 11 items in flash sales from 10am – 11pm 

Shipping Deals – enjoy 20% to 80% off shipping for the top 20 products across 11 categories

My Say

I'm sure Asian shoppers would be happy to know that we finally have a Southeast Asian version of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which are both much awaited shopping events in other parts of the world. The Online Revolution sale event includes companies and shopping websites in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines. From hereon, Online Revolution will be an annual event.

That said, who can say no to great shopping deals especially if one has plans of buying such items anyway? With the coming holidays, everyone is on the lookout for the best buys whether for personal use or to be given as gifts. What I particularly like about online shopping is the lack of pressure to buy. I buy when I need it or want to. To get them in the lowest price possible is a bonus. The Online Revolution just gave me one more reason to be ready for wise buys during this time of the year. 

Happy shopping everyone!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Family Beyond Blood Relations

Family is generally defined as  a group composed of parents and children living together in one household. When we speak of family therefore, we almost always refer to blood relations or those who are biologically connected to us. Is it possible therefore to have a family beyond blood relations? In my opinion, it is.

 What Makes a Family?

Families are supposed to be characterized by harmony, acceptance, respect, and love, in spite of differences. While these are always desired attributes of family, not all biological families will have them. There is a popular adage that blood is thicker than water, simply meaning that we can rely more on our blood relatives for support than our friends. But aren't we better off if we have both since there are times and situations where only our friends can come to our rescue even if our blood relations are willing to help?

Work-Based Family

For most people who are working, it is almost impossible not to be part of a particular group. Most of the times, it would be department-based. Some would form their own family of friends based on common interests. Not all work-based groups will become a family. A person who finds a genuine family at work is more able to cope with challenges knowing that support is constant even when career competition exists.

Community-Based Family

The community in which a person lives in provides another source of family that is not blood related. A group of people driven by the same goal of making life better will most probably become a family through time. This is especially so when the group goes through trials and comes out still together.

My Say

I am blessed to have two other families other than my biological family. I have been with my BEC family in our village for more than two years and with my Wave 37 family at work for less than two months only. My time with these two groups have proven that the length of time together is not necessarily the most important component of forming real families. It is more about the genuine care for each other that develops.

That said, I thank these people who have become part of my life and are continually helping me take care of my biological family even more. I count myself fortunate for having them in my life.

Image credit for BEC family picture: Eric Egualada

Friday, October 17, 2014

Henkel Innovation Challenge 8 : Create.Learn.Grow.

For seven consecutive years since year 2007, Henkel, makers of globally known products including Persil, Schwarzkopf, and Loctite has been sponsoring the Henkel Innovation Challenge. Henkel is organized into three globally operating business units namely Laundry and Home Care, Beauty Care, and Adhesive Technologies. The Henkel Innovation Challenge is focused on innovation specifically in these areas. Now on its 8th year, this student competition continues to drive home the point that innovation is the key to success.

Henkel Innovation Challenge 8: Create.Learn.Grow.

Once again, the Henkel Innovation Challenge motivates students to create an innovative concept while having the chance to be coached by Henkel managers, to compete with students around the world, learn about sustainability, and to bring their creative and management skills to the next level. This year's theme is Create.Learn.Grow.

How to Participate

Register online as a team of 2 students and submit an idea for an innovative and sustainable product or technology for a Henkel brand in 2050. Successful registration will provide access to an e-learning platform with helpful material, hints, and tips. Submission is completed by stating motivation to participate and providing CV information.

Expected Benefits

Joining the Henkel Innovation Challenge offers extraordinary opportunities for mentorship as Henkel top managers take on the task of developing participants' projects while training their skills. Being an international competition, joining provides opportunities to meet like-minded people. This is not merely competition as participants are expected to have fun networking with their peers from different cultures. Also, it is a chance to have a real business experience with one of the world's leading companies at that.


Of course, there are the fabulous prizes to provide added motivation to compete. The first winning team stands to win a ticket around the world and 10,000 . The second and third winning teams will be awarded travel vouchers worth 4000   and 2000 , respectively. The three winning teams will also be invited to the Henkel Headquarters in Dusseldorf to meet CEO Kasper Rorsted. 

Career Opportunities

The many success stories as told by many participants to the previous challenges highlight the point that the journey does not end when the competition does. This has been proven by those who went on to build their respective careers with Henkel. Some saw the competition as the perfect way to introduce themselves to the company, an opportunity that is not usually available.

My Say

Behind every product or innovation is an individual or group of individuals who dared to dream of the possibilities and acted on it. Excellent products are never an accident. They are the results of meticulously working on ideas until they actually benefit their intended users. 

That said, the very reason why competitions like the Henkel Innovation Challenge are relevant is the fact that there will never be more than enough of good products. As human needs evolve, so should the products that cater to these needs change. We learn and grow as we create.

Image Source

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Jollibee MaAga ang Pasko Marks its 20th year

It started with a simple dream to make children happy by giving toys at least once a year. That dreamer was Aga Muhlach who just happened to be starting what would be his long-time collaboration with Jollibee Foods Corporation. Thus, 20 years ago, Jollibee MaAga ang Pasko was born.

Jollibee MaAga ang Pasko is a toy and book donation campaign. During the first year, Aga decided to celebrate his birthday via a live show of his sitcom wherein toys will be accepted as entrance tickets. The purpose was to get toy donations which will be brought to an orphanage and the rest as they say is history as Aga and Jollibee partnered and worked together to make this yearly event something to look forward to.

Jollibee MaAga ang Pasko - Beyond the Christmas Season

Although Jollibee MaAga ang Pasko will always be associated with the Christmas season, Aga points out that it is not time or season-limited at all. Maaga ang Pasko is often interpreted in the local parlance as good fortune that came early. This project operates the same way thus the presence of Jollibee MaAga ang Pasko in efforts to give joy  to those affected by natural calamities for example.

What to Expect for the 20th Year of Jollibee MaAga ang Pasko

Mr. Harvey Ong, Vice President for Marketing Marketing at Jollibee Foods Corporation shared that the public should expect more from this yearly event as Jollibee continues to make its presence felt in other countries. He also shared that other companies are expected to join and collaborate in this event, taking it to an entirely new level of coverage and reach. This simply means more opportunities to make children happy with the gift of love through toys and books.

Jollibee MaAga ang Pasko Launch in South Luzon

Jollibee MaAga ang Pasko was launched in South Luzon today at Jollibee Canlubang. The people were serenaded by the Lumen Anima Chorale with Pinoy Christmas Carols. One of the highlights of the event of course was the special guest appearance of the original Jolly Toy Scout, Aga Muhlach.

Principle Behind the Campaign

The main reason for this campaign however is not to be forgotten. Aga did the honors of putting in the first donated toys and books in the designated box. He was followed by the Jolly Toy Scouts. After which, the Jolly Toy Scouts went around to collect the donation of the others in the event.

The Invitation

Jollibee will be holding 20 caravans across the country this December wherein they will be distributing toys and books collected from customers and JFC employees to select beneficiaries. Everyone can make this Christmas season the jolliest ever for children by donating new or pre-loved toys and books to Maaga ang Pasko boxes located in all Jollibee stores nationwide.

To make an online donation, visit www,jollibee.com.ph and click on the Maaga ang Pasko microsite.

My Say

It has been said that one proof of a program's effectiveness is the length of time it has existed. With the launching of Jollibee MaAga ang Pasko's 20th year, there is no doubt that this campaign sparked by a sincere desire to give happiness to children will be with us for many, many more years. 

That said, we look forward to being part of this campaign year after year after year...

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