Family & Parenting

My family is my greatest treasure.  I have gone through many trials in life but none are more riveting and important than the issues that involve them.  It is in this light that I offer my thoughts, views, opinions, and experiences from being part of a home and a family.

Maria Teresa Martinez

Personal Family Stories:

1.  Remembering My Father, Nene Ambos

2.  Thirty Years Ago, Today

3.  Of Renewing Family Ties

4.  A Sense of Stability in Observing Traditions

5.  Bebet

6.  Lessons Learned from My Children

7.  My Father's Shoes

8.  A Daughter's Lullaby

9.  My Parents-in-Law

10. A Mother's Fear

11. Children of My Children

12.  In Full Circle

13.  Cheerful Giver, Grateful Receiver

14.  An Open Letter of a Mother to her Daughter

15. Our Love Story

16. Christmas and the Family

17. A Toast to a Life Well-Lived - In Memory of Renato Abueg Martinez

18. Why it is Difficult to Find the Perfect Gift for My Husband

19. A Boy at Thirteen - No Longer a Child But Not Yet a Man

Family Relationships and Parenting

1.  Should We Force Our Children to Study?

2.  Motherhood is not Only Biological

3.  Parents, Are You Ready for the Opening of Classes

4.  There is Always Looking After

5. Would You Be Happy to Have a Parent Like Yourself?

6. Supporting Our Child's Activities in School

7. The Portrait of a Bully

8.  Is Human Personality Dependent on Birth Order?

9.  Handling a Child's Performance in School

10.  The Pre-teen Years- What is Exactly Going On?

11.  The Only Child

12. The Concept of Family

12. On Teaching Our Children to be True Filipinos

14.  Lessons from a School Fieldtrip

15. Where to Celebrate Children's Birthday Parties

16.  Encouraging a Child's Creativity at Home

17. The Benefit of Outdoor Play for Children

18. Children's Recollection and Retreat Activities

19. Advantages and Benefits Derived from Reading to Children

20. Kids and Gadgets - The Dilemma

21. Overscheduling Children to Exhaustion

22. Halloween Fun for Filipino Children

23. Pets and Young Kds

24. Spas for Babies 

25. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Being Young Parents

26. Sisterhood- the Relationship Between Sisters

27. Realities of Parenthood 

28. Friendly Competition Between Siblings

29. Brothers by Blood 

30. Know Your Children's Friends

31. How do We Protect our Children - Thoughts on the Connecticut Shooting

32. The Effects of Music on Children

33. My Son's First Sleepover

34. Weekend Treats for Your Children

35. How to Make Swimming Safe and Enjoyable for the Kids

36. Toilet Training of Kids - the When and How of Going About It

37. Traditional and Non-Traditional Motherhood

38. How Parents Should Talk About Sensitive Family Issues with Their Children

39. All Set for the New School Year

40. Fatherhood with Humor - Because Fatherhood Isn't always Serious Business

41. Ferrofluid Toy: A Geeky Educational Toy for Kids and Adults

42. Common Nutritional Issues Among Children Today

43. Make Grocery Shopping with Kids Fun and Educational

44. Rainy Day Tips for Kids

45. What Children Learn from Camping

46. How Can Children Help in Relief Efforts

47. Parents' Recollection: Collecting Scattered Pieces of Life

48. When Children Compete for the School

49. Non-Scary Halloween Costumes for Young Girls

50. Is Comic Book Reading Beneficial for Children?