Home & Living

Every idea counts and every experience has value.  These are mine for whatever its worth to my readers.  The value of experience lies in having its lessons learned not only for ourselves but to  other people as well who will benefit from it. 

We will have varied experiences as we go through life.  Most of it will happen at our own homes while others will come from outside.  It is important that we live life to the fullest, regardless of our personal circumstances.

Maria Teresa Martinez


1.  Child-Friendly Home

2.  An Organized Home for a Rested Mind

3.  Buying Your First House

4.  Declutter Homes for Improved Quality of Life

5. Get a New Home Without the Hassle of Moving

6. Solo or Shared Bedroom for Children: Which Offers More Benefits?

Everyday Living Concerns:

1.  Get Your Complaints Resolved

2.  The Significance of Work in Everyday Life

3.  Are Filipinos Truly Free?

4.  My Favorite Book and the Concept of Giving

5.  Coping with Everyday Stresses in Life

6.  Stuck in Traffic - What to Do When There is Nothing to Do But Wait

7. What to Look For in a Family Car

8. Love for Work in the Eyes of a Jolly Party Host and a Funny Elevator Girl

9. My First Experience With Online Shopping for the Family

10. Super Typhoon Yolanda Aftermath - A Test of Humanity