Events & Reviews

Covering events and providing honest reviews are ways of bringing across relevant information to the reading public.  They are about actual experiences with a place, a product, or even an idea that seeks to gain the approval and patronage of their target market.  Bloggers are in the unique position to be right where the action is so that the information gets to its destination at the soonest possible time.  Emphasis however, will have to be given to honesty and truth in presentation.

Maria Teresa Martinez

1.  In the Eyes of a Child - The Robot Zoo Experience

2.  Book Review: Good Enough Parenting- The Sensible Discipline Guide for New Parents

3.  An Afternoon of Learning and Bonding at the Nido Science Discovery Center

4.  Independent Study - A Possibility Through Kumon

5.  Tutoring Club - Offering a Deviation from Traditional Tutoring

6.  Jollibee's Crispy Wings Hour in October

7.  A Whimsical Halloween Party at the Goldilocks Cake City

8.  The Making of a Pinoy Batang Pera-Henyo  

9.  Jollibee 18th Maaga ang Pasko - the Kick-off at SM City Calamba

10. Exploring the Mind Museum though Jollibee Kids Club

11. Coming Together - the First FBW Grand Eyeball Event

12.  Bringing Products Closer to the Target Market - Lock and Lock's 8th Flagship Store

13.  Waterless Carwash - The Spray n' Go Product Review

14.  The 4th Goldilocks Cake Expo 2013 - Let Your Imagination Fly

15. Saving the Environment One Dappy Diaper at a Time

16. The Lucky Me Pancit Palabok Review - A Trip Down Memory Lane

17. Always a Beautiful Ending with Cif - The Mother's Day Event

18. The Aristocrat Restaurant - Making Kiddie Parties Happier

19. Goodyear Tires: A Tradition of Road Safety

20. Trend Micro Says: Click Right to Keep Children Safe Online