Legacy & Traditions

A legacy is that which we leave behind when our life here on earth has come to pass.  It can be left behind by an individual, a family, a business, or an organization.  The important thing is that a legacy inspires others to take after those who have come before them.  Traditions, on the other hand, perpetuate the practices we intend to keep.

Maria Teresa Martinez


1.  Defending a Family Legacy-Ambos Mundos

2.  Krispy Kreme- a Doughnut Legacy

3.  The Dolphy Legacy 

4. Passing On the Writing Legacy: Like Mother, Like Son

5. Remembering Those Who Have Gone Before Us


1.  Christmas Aguinaldo for Children

2.  On the Road to Sainthood-the Salesians of Don Bosco Way

3.  Believing in the Existence of Santa Claus

4.  Debut - A Philippine Tradition to Womanhood

5.  Why Do We Celebrate a Child's 7th Birthday?

6.  The First Birthday

7.  Turning Gold at 50 Years Old

8.  Fiesta in the Philippines

9.  Recognition Day - The Day When Students' Hard Work are Recognized

10. Graduation Day - Closing One Door to Open Another

11. Salubong - Filipino Easter Tradition

12. The Significance of Wedding Anniversaries