Brothers by Blood

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Two men related by birth for sharing the same parents are brothers by blood.  Although there are the so-called blood brothers who are not at all biologically related but enter into a compact of treating each other as such, biological brothers are still different.  Like true-blue sisters, they share a common history that can be strengthened by time.

The Older Brother

Based on personal observation, an older brother can be the defender, the idol, the bully, or the privileged one.  Depending on how an older  boy is raised and treated by parents and siblings, an older brother can be the best or worst thing that could happen to a younger sibling. This is very critical since a growing child usually takes a cue from the people surrounding him.

When he acts as the defender , he is seen as a lifesaver especially in situations wherein a younger sibling is finding some difficulty in. He is an idol when he is popular and brings honor to the family in terms of awards and other forms of recognition.  He is a bully when he uses his superior strength to get his way over his younger siblings.  He is the privileged one when his parents give him special attention for being the eldest son to the detriment of the younger ones.

The Younger Brother

The younger brother can be the protected, the fan, the bullied, and yes, also the privileged one. He is also often seen as a nuisance, especially by an older brother who wishes to set himself apart from childish meddling.  He usually demands to have his way by virtue of being the younger one which an older sibling should give way to especially in situations where the one who whines the loudest wins.

A younger brother usually looks up to an older one and may seek protection and guidance from him.  He can be the faithful minion of his superhero older brother.  He can also be an important ally when big brother gets into trouble.

Brotherhood by Blood

Fortunately, most of the issues between brothers in their childhood days are settled as they grow older.  In adulthood where physical superiority usually no longer exists,  the rank in age is what is left to dictate the rules of engagement between brothers.  Even with the existence of competition during their younger days, brothers eventually learn to adjust and can actually end up as good friends.

Brotherhood by blood cannot be denied even with conflicts and disagreements.  The special bond between brothers is an important factor in the healthy development of their characters. Brothers are the greatest source of "manly" support especially when the father is no longer living.

My Say

When two men are brothers by blood, it connotes a deep relationship that is not usually broken by shallow reasons. Brotherhood, even among those who are not biologically related, means standing side by side in support of the other especially in terms of adversity.  It speaks of a unity that is solid and founded on love and respect.

That said, parents usually hold the key to how sibling relationships turn out.  It is to the best interest of the family to encourage support between sisters and brothers by blood.

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