The Lucky Me Pancit Palabok Product Review - A Trip Down Memory Lane

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The  Lucky Me Pancit Palabok Product review was supposed to be just like any other review but instead it took me to an unexpected  trip down memory lane. Eating it brought back memories of early childhood especially when I chose to test the product today, my birthday. Before I realized it, I was reminiscing about the good old days and how pancit palabok was always and is still a part of my comfort food fare.

My Childhood and Pancit Palabok

I don't exactly remember when I started to like pancit palabok. My most vivid memories about it was when our family was still living in Pasay City. During that time, Cartimar was considered the premier shopping center in the area and this was where my mother would take us to buy our things.

More than the excitement of having new clothes, new shoes, and the imported chocolates and canned goods, I had one more reason to be excited about going to Cartimar. After shopping, we will always eat in a quaint and charming food shop managed by a bespectacled and strict-looking middle-age woman. In that little nook, I found my childish heaven in eating pancit palabok and halo-halo.

This would go on for several years until we had to transfer to another city. In time, the place became different and that food shop was nowhere to be found in the vicinity. I lost the place but I retained the memories and the love for pancit palabok and halo-halo.

Adulthood and Pancit Palabok

Since pancit palabok is not offered in our restaurant, I found ways of enjoying the food by ordering it in other places where it is sold. As sure as the sun rises, that is how sure my eating companions would be that I will order pancit palabok when I see it included in the menu. During college days, my friends and I will frequent a specific fast food establishment and there I ordered my favorite pancit palabok for about four years.

Although I fairly enjoy cooking, I found it quite tedious to prepare my own home-made palabok. This became especially so when I was working and had a family to attend to. Everything just had to be done more quickly.

Instant Pancit Palabok

The desire to enjoy eating pancit palabok did not wane through time.  Even when trying to scrimp on family budget and time became a more priced commodity, some things like love for a certain food never goes away. Instant food  offered a convenient way to do it in this fast-paced life.

Last week, a special package arrived at my doorstep. It was a "bilao" of uncooked Lucky Me Special Instant Pancit Palabok. Today, I tested it and here is what I think about it.

lucky me pansit palabok

lucky me palabok

1. Lucky Me Special Instant Pancit Palabok is very easy to prepare. Each pack contains a pack of noodles, sauce, and garnish. Boiling water is simply added to the noodles and covered for 4 minutes. The sauce and garnish is added after draining the water from the noodles.

2. Lucky Me Special Instant Pancit Palabok packed enough flavor to make it a satisfying merienda treat as it came with real chicharon and calamansi flavored sauce. I would personally prefer more sauce though. To make my birthday pancit palabok extra special, I added in toasted tinapa flakes and sliced boiled eggs on top.

3. Lucky Me Special Instant Pancit Palabok is reasonably priced at about P 14.00 per pack. Satisfying merienda treats rarely come at this price. Quick and low-cost options like this are always welcome to consumers. 

My Say 

This special surprise couldn't have come at a better time. We always want to celebrate special days with special food since that is how Filipino families are. In this economically-difficult times, being able to do so without incurring extraordinarily high expenses is always preferred.

That said, I'm glad I was one of those chosen to receive this gift. I likewise received an extra unexpected gift basket containing all of the 17 Lucky Me Special Instant Noodle Product flavors because the first attempted delivery failed to find its way to me. This just gives me more reason to try their other products as well.

lucky me products

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