How Can Children Help in Relief Efforts

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The recent typhoon that submerged many parts of Luzon again plunged the country into a state of despair and helplessness. Every able-bodied grown-up is being requested to help in whatever form. With classes suspended for more than a week, children have more than enough time in their hands to help as well. In what way can they do this?

How Can Children Help 

During disaster situations, children are always advised not to go out of homes to ensure their safety. This is the wisest move for everyone who has no business to attend to outside during extreme weather conditions. This will eliminate compounding the serious task of search and rescue. This does not mean however that those who are safe in their homes will do nothing.

Parents can teach their children to help  in matters that will not put them at any risk. During difficult times like this, every hand is necessary. Everyone's assistance matters including that of the children. Here are some helpful things we can do if we are among the more fortunate ones who did not incur damage or casualties. 

1. Ask children to check their personal things for possible donation

It would be ideal for children to learn the importance of helping people in need. Disaster situations expose them to the real needs of people and this would make it easier for them to develop empathy towards other people. Asking them to search among their personal things for donation teaches them to give from what they have and according to their capability.

This is an opportune time for them to learn that one need not be rich to be able to give

2. Ask children to help in sorting or packing relief goods

Sorting and packing small items in individual plastic bags can easily be done by children. It also makes them feel part of the whole effort. This gives them a sense of accomplishment which will encourage them to be voluntarily  involved in similar activities as they grow older.

This is  the perfect time to teach children that every person's contribution counts.

3. Ask the children to help in communication

This shouldn't be so hard considering the willingness of children to use computers and other gadgets. Parents and other adults may be too preoccupied with the physical distribution and logistics of distributing relief goods. Children who are of age can help in making important emails and calls.

This is the right time to expose children to increased responsibility.

My Say

It is so easy to be caught up with our own worries and concerns in the face of disaster and forget about the more pressing needs of others. People who have not been so badly affected as to make it impossible to be of assistance to others must make an effort to extend a helping hand in areas where they can be of help. This is what it means to be human.

That said, the needs of affected people are increasing at every disaster that strikes our country. Let us all do our part and involve our children in it. 

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