Being Happy In Spite of...

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Happiness is such an elusive thing. The more we want it, the more it escapes our grasps. There is much sense therefore in 

being happy in spite of...

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There is so much to be happy about,
Even in a life filled with doubt,
Like the chance to breathe,
Even with constant gnashing of teeth.

For the sun and the moon,
As happy as yellow balloons,
For rest of body and mind,
In sleep that puts worries behind.

For loved ones who love,
And a God that guides from above,
For friends who care,
And bothers to see if you're still there.

For new hopes that rise,
From deep frustrations that slice,
For new beginnings that come,
Just as you were starting to despair some.

For this gift we call life,
With pains that cut like a knife,
But with happiness that rewards,
To those who choose to push on forward.

My Say

It is so easy to be engulfed with loneliness when things do not seem to go our way. Being lonely is natural but we need to rise above it after some time. The longer we allow it to fester, the harder it is to come out of it.

That said, it isn't easy to be happy especially during these times when there seems to be so many requirements to attain it. Material wealth, excellent health, faithful spouse, good children, high-paying job, unending youth, unfading beauty, exceptional talent...these are the trappings or conditions which we humans base our happiness on. We know we cannot have it all but this should not prevent us from being happy with what we have.

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