Coca-Cola Signs of Happiness: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

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Business signs didn't matter much to me then. Except when they are exceptionally unique or humorous, I probably wouldn't even notice them. That was before I saw this video from Coca-Cola. Today, whenever I see one, I wonder at the story behind it and think of the person and reason behind it.

Women Entrepreneurs in the Philippines

Women have always been at the very foundation of businesses whether be it in small-scale sari-sari stores or in big corporations. In the Philippine setting, this is very evident in small to medium-sized businesses where the women entrepreneurs are into the day-to-day operation. We usually see them performing all roles related to the business, seeing no need to make any distinction as long as it will help push the business forward.

It is no secret that most women face many barriers when they try to succeed in the marketplace. It was never easy to penetrate it and it still isn't. Recognizing that women all over the world form the pillars of the business system, Coca-Cola has taken the initiative to help women entrepreneurs through the 5by20 Program.

The 5by20 Program of Coca-Cola

The 5by20 program of Coca-Cola is the company's global commitment to empower 5 million women entrepreneurs throughout its value chain composed of producers, distributors, recyclers, suppliers, retailers, and artisans. It seeks to address the most common barriers encountered by women in their bid to succeed in business. This it hopes to do by providing women access to business skills training courses, financial services, and connection with peers and mentors. Through this initiative, these women are expected to gain the confidence that comes with building a successful business. The target year is 2020, thus the name of the program.

In the Philippines, it is quite common to see small businesses named after their owners. This has much to do with the sense of pride that goes with owning a business. Women entrepreneurs display such pride and they show it in their business signs. 

To understand this behavior a lot better, watch this special Coca-Cola Video entitled Signs of Happiness. The visible signs we see are signs of happiness since every business owned by a woman does not only benefit herself and her family but the community as well. That is the secret of happiness in operating a business - having a reason for being that goes beyond self.

My Say

Empowering women, such powerful words, often used nowadays but never really quite making the mark. This just goes to show that much has to be done to make it work on a sustainable level. It cannot be accomplished without several forces working together and established companies like Coca-Cola can do a lot to make it happen faster.

That said, we all have our respective responsibilities towards this goal. It goes both ways. Entities who have the funds and logistics to move this goal to fruition must make the move and we can do no less in our own capacity.

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