Food and Movies Equal Simple Family Fun Time

6:47 PM

Do you believe that sometimes it's just us that make having family fun difficult? We have so many conditions and standards to be set and fulfilled. Then after a long preparation (and usually higher bill), we can still end up frustrated because of the expectations.

That is why in our family, we keep it very simple. Food and movies make us very happy. We have absolutely no quarrel about them. These two combined together usually serve as a quick fix to an uneventful day.

As my work schedule will not allow us to do any activity for this Easter that would require much time and effort, it is a good thing that I received a very welcome invitation from Jollibee to watch the latest Spongebob Movie "Sponge Out of Water" with my family at SM Muntinlupa. After eating a satisfying snack as provided by Jollibee , we went straight to the best seats reserved for media. We quickly settled into an enjoyable movie viewing armed with a bag full of chips, nuts, cookies, candies, and water.

My daughter went home as well with a bonus prize - the Jollibee Color Magic Tumbler, when she found one of the winning stickers spread out in the theater seats under hers. I'm sure this will be fun to use for her as it is supposed to change color when it has cold beverage in it.

My Say

That pretty sums up our family's simple fun this Easter Sunday. Most importantly though, we made it in time to hear mass and that effectively sealed the day for our family. Now, I better get some sleep.

That said, 

Thank you Stratworks for the invitation...
Thank you Jollibee for the food and the movie...
Thank you God for my family.

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