Kodanda Archery Range: Fun Activity Place for Family and Friends

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There has got to be more interesting ways and places to spend time with family and friends without breaking the bank. For a family or group of friends to truly enjoy, it must be an activity that does not alienate by reason of gender or age. Also, the place should be where everyone can be comfortable and thrilled to be in. The newly opened Kodanda Archery Range is definitely a fun activity place for family and friends. My family and I can attest to this after spending a very enjoyable hour at the archery range yesterday.

Archery Through the Times

Archery has historically been associated with hunting and combat. Today however, people see it more of a sport or a recreational activity. While not everyone will turn out to have competitive archery skills, nothing should stop anyone from enjoying this activity especially in the company of people we enjoy spending time with. 

Rules of Archery

Whatever the reason for the participation of an archer, he or she is asked to abide by certain rules primarily for safety. Kodanda Archery Range has provided for specific rules and etiquette which revolves mainly around respect - respect for the equipment which can be harmful if not deadly when not handled responsibly, respect for rules which has been put in place for everyone's safety, and respect for people who are using the facility to improve their skill or to simply enjoy as well.

Shirley, the range supervisor requested us to read the rules displayed on the wall. She also helped my family and I gear up for the one hour archery session. Of course, this is also to ensure safety at all times. With no other agenda but to enjoy, our family had our first taste of archery.

And the Arrows Flew

Coach Eman gave important instructions before we were allowed to start. We were to observe the proper stance, loading and releasing of arrows, and aiming at the target. Being all first-timers, the first set of arrows we shot were literally flying everywhere. It was my husband who got the hang of it first and eventually the three of us followed.

Archery Range Decorum 

Assistant Coach Grace advised us of the 2-1-3 whistle rule. Two whistles meant we can get our respective bows, one whistle meant we can start firing our arrows, and three whistles meant we can retrieve our arrows from the target board. We had to put our bows at rest at the rack while waiting for the next set to start. This happens when all archers are finished firing, and then the cycle continues until we used up one hour.

The waiting archers scheduled for the next hour can wait and observe behind a glass panel. Obviously, this is another measure adapted for everyone's safety. An archery range is definitely a fun place but it is definitely not a place for reckless demeanor.

The Kodanda Archery Range Personnel

My family and I consider ourselves very lucky to have a first try of archery at Kodanda Archery Range. One of the reasons is its very helpful and courteous personnel. As per experience, it takes only one obnoxious personnel to turn off customers. I am glad to say that all three of them were very accommodating and supportive.

My Say

For the longest time that I have been asking myself what specific different activity we can engage in as a family without having to travel a great distance or spend too much, I found myself stumped for answers. Finally, I have my first activity to write on the list and that is archery. We really enjoyed ourselves and we have Kodanda Archery Range to thank.

That said, we are definitely coming back. Hopefully by then, we would hit our first bull's eye.

Kodanda Archery Range BF Homes is located at Metrostar Mall, Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes Paranaque. It is open from Mondays to Fridays 12 noon to 9 pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 11 am to 8 pm. Rate is PHP 580.00 per hour/ per person inclusive of equipment rental, range fee, target paper, and basic instructions. Lessons are offered and you can call 09224219658 for inquiries. It also has a branch at Makati Cinema Square.

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