It Was the Day After Christmas

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It was not so long ago when we saw and felt the first signs of the Christmas season. When I had this picture taken during one of the events I attended, it was still more than a month before the awaited day. But all too suddenly, Christmas Day itself is over. So how do you feel a day after Christmas?

Rejuvenated or Exhausted?

Depending on how you chose to use the days leading to Christmas Day, it would be a toss up between rejuvenated or exhausted. If you spent them quietly for a much-needed get-away from all the hustle and bustle, then it is a good bet that you will come out rejuvenated. Now if you were part of all the holiday activities, chances are you are ready to drop to your bed to answer to your body's call which is called sleep.

Being exhausted isn't exactly a bad thing because there is such a thing called fulfillment.

Fulfilled or Let-Down?

If you are into the flurry of activities because of a specific cause, whether it be personal or something that would serve the community, going through all the holiday motions can bring unmeasurable fulfillment. Going through all of it because of the expectation of something in return can be a big let-down if you don't get the expected result. There will always be things that we have to do versus the things we like to do. Weigh the possible results of each and decide on something you can live with.

After all have been said and done, we all go back to the realities of our lives.

Happy or Sad?

Most of us are familiar with the feeling of giddiness in expecting good things to happen. It is almost a ritual for many families and friends to hold reunions and get-togethers during the Christmas season. No words are enough to describe the happiness involved in such events (unless you or your "enemy" within the family or other social groups choose to make it otherwise). However, coupled with the happiness in seeing each other again is the sadness of good-byes not long after. 

Again, this is part of the realities of life.

My Say

When I was a child, I had very high expectations of Christmas specifically in the gift-receiving and the wish-granted departments. It was admittedly an expectation largely based on material gain. After all, I was a child.

Now that I'm much older, I am trying very hard to focus on the non-material aspects of the season. It is a challenge because even in our sincere desire to focus on others more than ourselves, we are faced with the reality that almost always, we have to provide material things to answer for their needs, ultimately leading to their happiness. When one has very limited resources, it can be a matter of choosing between ourselves and them, at least for this season.

That said, my family is still hoping we can make at least another family happy this Christmas season. After all, Christmas ain't over even if it is a day after Christmas. So if we were to be given one wish from Santa or one prayer granted from Jesus, that will be the chance and capability to be a Santa or Jesus to a less privileged family which will leave us feeling rejuvenated, fulfilled, and happy. 

We must remember that we may not get to see Santa or Jesus in our life time but this should not be a reason to stop us from being one to others. By being so, we will get to fulfill a part of Christ's mission here on earth which is to make known that He remains with us. If we are to fulfill that by being a blessing to others, so be it.

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