Essential Home Checks That Could Save You $$$s

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There are lots of costs associated with being a homeowner. It comes with the territory. Carrying out a few simple checks throughout the year can save you a lot of money. Potential problems can be caught early before they become huge money pits. And a few simple tasks can prevent issues occurring.


The best way to go about this is to create a tick list. Some checks should be carried out on a monthly basis and other less regularly. At the beginning of the year create a calendar and list items for the year.

Several Times a Year

Several times of year, it is a good idea to check your plumbing. This could be done at the start of every season. Or, depending on the age of your home, a little more frequently. Run the water in each room, especially guest bathrooms, etc. that are not in regular use. Flush all toilets. This will prevent dirt from building up and causing blockages. Inspect all plumbing for signs of leaks. Call a professional for complex problems such as sewer repair etc. 

Visual check electricity. Make sure all appliances are functioning correctly. Check cables and outlets for signs of damage or wear. Always call a professional where electricity is concerned. 

Check your home security by testing alarms and monitors. Make sure locks on doors and windows are secure. 

During spring, check your home for signs of bad weather damage. Walk around the exterior paying close attention to the walls and roof. You’re looking for leaks, holes, slipped tiles, etc. Ensure gutters are free from blockages. Staining to the wall may indicate a problem with gutters or drainpipes. Remove leaves and other debris from drains. 

In the fall, prepare for the colder months. Have your heating system and fireplaces inspected annually. Make sure chimneys are swept and maintained. Check windows and doors and ensure that seals are intact. 

Check your driveway for signs of cracks and apply a sealant. Freezing water can cause cracks to expand and create more damage. 

Every couple of months deep clean your home from top to bottom. Go through every room, including lofts and basements. At the same time check appliances such as ovens and refrigerators. Clean filters and vacuum fridge coils. 

Keep your home tidy and free from clutter. Get rid of items you no longer need. Either give them away to friends or dispose of them in the required way. 

Monthly Checks

Each month test your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector. This could save your life. Ensure any batteries are replaced at least twice a year. At the same time inspect your fire extinguishers. If you’re not sure how to do this, familiarise yourself with the process by reading the manual. 

If you have a garbage disposal system, then clean this each month. This article will walk you through the process. 

Most of these checks are common sense. It makes sense to keep your home clean, tidy and running efficiently. Appliances that are working will consume less electricity which will save you money. And actively looking for potential problems can stop them from turning into big bills. 

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