"Let's Relax" : IKEA's Invitation to Say Goodbye Stress Hello Joy

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LET'S RELAX... What a dreamy invitation to hear in what has become a very competitive world we live in. It is so much so that even the mere act of relaxing has become ironically stressful. Images of perfection abound around us, making us feel less of who we really are, literally robbing us of the joy given to us by what we already have, making us want more than we really need, and making us impose unrealistic demands on ourselves and the people who matter to us.

Most of us fall into the trap in our quest for perceived happiness rather than actual ones. IKEA is opening up a conversation about the expectations we place on ourselves via the film "Let's Relax". IKEA wants to help people say "goodbye" to stress and "hello" to the joy of cooking, eating and being together.

Judgement from Society

Because people are social beings and would usually aspire to get approval from society, actions and words can be dictated by prevailing norms, trends, and premises. In so doing, the measure of happiness has become equivalent to the degree of acceptance obtained. Even our homes which used to be able to shield us from outside threat have been invaded by constant comparison and judgement. Obviously our closed doors have no power to stop lifestyle blogs, TV programs, and even cookbooks from making us feel inadequate due to the picture of perfection they present. They can either inspire you to do better or completely stress you out. To most of us who fumble along the way, it is usually the latter. 

Real Life VS Expectations

The bulk of our stress comes from trying too hard to conform with other people's expectations. We have to consider the fact that real life is not always in agreement even with our own expectations. You know what? That is perfectly okay. Here's how we can say goodbye to stress and hello to joy in living.

Enjoy the moment

Stay connected with friends and family members. Use technology to reach out instead of feeling envious of other people's "accomplishments" as seen on social media. What is there to stop you from cooking with your grandma from across the globe?

Do what makes you happy

Resist the urge to limit yourself based on preconceived ideas on age, gender, race, or even physical features. If you fancy napkin origami while serving pizza for your intimate party, so be it. That is your choice , that is your happiness.

Revel in simplicity 

Life is a lot simpler when we do not overthink things. Adopting the "See Food Diet"  where you eat the food you see makes it less complicated and sustainable. Just remember to opt for healthier choices so you do not end up feeling guilty for overindulging.

Turn chores into fun activities

There is no escaping work and chores. We can make it less stressful though if we can make it a fun activity so children will be willing to help while learning. We can also make the accomplishment of any task a celebration by rewarding ourselves with simple favors and indulgences.  

Be proud of your "perfect" home

Every homeowner secretly hopes for a picture-perfect home but look at it this way. Would you rather have a very clean home without your children in it? Do you really have to wait for your home to be extravagantly luxurious before you accept visits from your friends? What if that time never comes? Remember that any place can be beautiful especially if you are with your people. Even simple food shared becomes a feast.

My Say

Do not let yourself be controlled by the dictates of other people. Life is really too short to live a life others want for you. It is time to appreciate simple joys like preparing and enjoying food together, cooking while no one is watching minus the pressure to post your finished product at social media, and successfully maximizing small spaces. Small things at first glance are often times the most memorable ones.

That said, what others say about you is not as important as what you know should be done. Go for it then relax. Do not postpone enjoying life. You might just run out of time. 

Not too long ago, when you closed the front door, you shut out the world. Home was a place where you could escape demands, kick back and truly be yourself. According to the annual IKEA Life at Home Report, this is still what people want from their homes. However, outside forces are constantly raising the bar that measures happiness.

This report is an annual study, exploring the life at home of people around the world. IKEA presents the "Let's Relax" film to remind us to say "Goodbye" to following fashion, “hello" to whatever makes you happy and "Goodbye" to the "right" way - "hello" to your way.

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  1. I love this line "Do not let yourself be controlled by the dictates of other people". God created us by our unique personality we should be ourselves and enjoy our life. We cannot please anybody in this world but we are encourager and inspiration to them.... We should walk by faith and not by sight :)

  2. This should be a great movie, something relevant and with substance. Without a doubt living in the shadows of the society's norm is stressful.

  3. I heard about Ikea but never been visited that place. Life is too short to reach dreams that we cannot reach. Simplicity is perfect as long as you are happy and enjoy life with bills free.

  4. Everything about this post resonates well with me. Life is so much simpler if we're not forced to conform with the so called 'norm' of others. Life is too short, let's live our life to the fullest.

  5. This is a nice video to let us all know that we have our own ways of working for ourselves, and not be able to be controlled with those who likes to control people

  6. I saw that video and indeed it's a great reminder that we should always live in the present and enjoy the moments in our lives.

  7. I couldn't agree more. If you want to be happy, then set aside what other people think about you. It's about embracing what you love and who you are. What people think of you doesn't matter at all.

  8. I love the positive tone of this post. Society can be a real stress and if we tend to absorb everything and look at each with envy, we will surely end up hating others or ourselves. Being contented is right. Loving what we have is helpful. And accepting others' fortunate fate as blessings for them is but proper.


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