Liver Transplant Funding for Rhae Christen Gempesaw

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Biliary Atresia indicative of beginning cirrhosis and liver transplantation - these are words that are alien to me, especially when associated with a 4 month-old baby girl who happens to be the child of one of my dearest friends. But there they were in a message I received from my friend, intermingled with words of grief and request for more prayers. Her words painfully went through my heart, knowing fully well how deeply it hurts to see your own child hurting

This is Rhae Christen Gempesaw or RC. She was born apparently healthy until after several weeks when her parents noticed the yellow coloring of her skin and eyes. Their concern escalated when her pediatrician felt that something wasn't quite right while touching her abdomen. One test led to another...and another...and another..and then a liver biopsy.

The biopsy confirmed the greatest fear any parent could ever know in one's life. RC needs to have a liver transplant or transplantation. Her liver is damaged and she needs to have this surgical procedure to replace her liver. The same recommendation was arrived at after getting several medical opinions. Apart from the immense emotional stress of having a sick member of the family, there is also the seemingly insurmountable task of coming up with the funds that will be needed to have the procedure done. 

The pegged amount of 5 Million is indeed daunting. RC's parents are currently looking for other options that would need a lesser amount. However, they also need funds to continuously support the medication of RC to prepare her young body for the major procedure. 

If you would like to help in any way, here are accounts of RC's parents where you can directly deposit your financial help:

Rhaney Gempesaw &/or Contessa Gempesaw

BPI 3726841514
Metrobank 609-3-609-88790-8
AUB Asia United Bank 107-03-000030-3

My Say

Everyone can help a person in need or in this case, a family in need. Although we may differ in capacity, it doesn't change the fact that helping defines our humanity. 

That said, while many of us are praying for a miracle that RC will get well even without having to undergo a liver transplant, we are hoping that the funds will be available once the time comes for the operation. All medical opinions as of this time are pointing towards the liver transplant option thus the importance of preparing starting now. Any assistance is greatly appreciated by the family.

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