4 Things You Can Do Online At The Post Office

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In addition to sending mail through the post office, there are various other things that can be done online at the post office. It is possible for you to exchange currencies, set up a savings account, apply for your passport, and top up your phone. And, you can easily get access to the aforementioned features and facilities online at the post office. These features are all available on the official site of United States Postal service, USPS.com. 
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Without beating about the bush, here are 4 things you can do online at the post office. 
Get your passport, top up your phone, and rent a DVD!
It is possible for you to get your passport online at the post office. You will simply have to fill out an application and you will have your passport sorted within ten days. After the submission of the application form, you will receive an ID number that helps you track your application online. Additionally, you can also top up your phone online at the post office site. Do you also know that Movies by Mail enables you to rent movie DVDs whenever you want, wherever you live? 
You can change your address online
If you are moving to a new location, it is of paramount importance for you to alert the USPS. If you don't do that, your sensitive, financial records will be sent to the wrong address, making you vulnerable to identity theft.  The forward mail must be sent to your new address. Thanks to the technological advances and the internet, it is possible for you to change your address online. And, to do that, you will simply need to head to the official site of USPS, USPS.com, and follow basic instructions. You will be asked to submit your credit/debit card details, your valid email address and address change.
Make use of the benefits of An Post Mobile App
If you are looking for an app that puts your post office at your fingertips, you should download the An Post Mobile App. What are the benefits of An Post Mobile App you ask? Well, it helps you trace and track a letter, locate the nearest Post Office to you, and estimate how much a particular parcel you're sending is going to cost. 
Need help managing your finances?
In addition to taking care of your mails, the post office can also keep your money safe.  Hence, it is possible for you to open a savings account in your post office; this feature is even available online. Can it get more convenient than this?  Why is it beneficial for you to open a savings account in your post office? Well, if you travel abroad and need currencies of that particular country, you can easily exchange your U.S dollars for Pound Sterling, Australian or Canadian Dollars in the nearest post office.
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It is good to know that tasks that were only possible to do in a physical post office then can now be done online. This convenience allows us more time to attend to tasks which require our actual presence. That said,doing these 4 things online will definitely save you countless trips to the post office.

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