Membership Shopping at Landers Superstore

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Membership shopping is one option presented to shoppers that comes with certain privileges. Landers Superstore is one of the frontrunners in this industry via its 5 branches located in Balintawak, Otis, Cebu, Alabang West and ArcoVia City. At Landers, shoppers find snacks and household essentials that may not be seen in local supermarkets. And that is just one of the many privileges to be had while shopping at Landers.

How to Become a Member at Landers Superstore

Since only members are allowed to shop at Landers Superstore, it would be best to register at any branch and pay the corresponding membership fee. Application forms can be downloaded online. Applicants should at least be 18 years old and must agree to the terms and conditions for membership. Registered members can bring along a maximum of 5 adult non-members and no limit for children. A copy of the business permit or DTI registration will be required for business membership.

Fees for Landers Superstore Membership

Annual premium membership for individuals costs Php 800 while business membership costs Php 1,000. You can always check online if 50% off promo is ongoing to avail of a lower membership cost. Annual renewal cost is Php 800. Card validity starts on the sign-up date. The cost for replacing a lost card is Php 100. Every registered individual member is entitled to add one extension member at the cost of Php 400 while business members can add a maximum of 4. 

Perks and Privileges for Being a Landers Superstore Member

Aside from offering goods which are not available in local supermarkets, there are other perks and privileges attached to being a Landers Superstore member. Some of which are the free haircut at the store's own barbershop and Php 2.00 discount per liter of gas purchased from designated Caltex stations. There is also the guaranteed access to exclusive events launched by Landers. Membership cards can be used at any branch. Operating hours are from 9 AM to 9 PM.

My Say

When I first entered Landers Superstore, it brought back memories of shopping at Cartimar during my younger days because of the many imported goods that can be found here. The atmosphere is just more comfortable and conducive to shopping now because membership shopping seems to lean towards making shopping more convenient with a touch of exclusivity. 

That said, my family enjoys shopping at Landers because of the many choices that are made available. Sign up for membership now to experience it for yourself.

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