4 Tips to Sleeping with a Spouse Who Snores Loud

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Habitual snoring is a common yet potentially serious condition known as Obstructive sleep apnea. If severe, it is known to raise the risk of chronic diseases like heart attack, diabetes, and hypertension. Its effect however is not simply limited to the one who snores.

Snoring is a big challenge to couples because it usually compromises the comfort of one partner for a smooth, peaceful rest during the night. One spouse is bound to feel deprived of his or her sleep. This results to aggravated fatigue, which runs from morning hours throughout the day.

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Waking up feeling tired than you were when going to sleep with errands to run the next day is not good for your physical and psychological comfort. As the spouse who has to experience all the noise, it is recommended that you keep your calm. Your spouse did not choose nor does he or she like to be in that condition. It is high time you took a step and tried the tips below; it will help. Here are tips to help you manage the distractions of a snoring partner:

1) Use Better Sleep Moldable Silicone Earplugs For Sleep

These are the best earplugs to use because they are quite comfortable. They are made from soft materials that are gentle to the skin. Wearing these ear plugs for snoring helps block out the noise. You get to sleep comfortably and wake up refreshed. The silicone is molded to fit the size and the shape of your ear canal. This helps achieve perfect blockage and also prevent discomfort since some ready-made earplugs tend to either too large or too small. For such high customization, they are quite. They are also reusable and washable.

2) Consider Sleeping Apart

Sleeping in a room with a snoring partner can keep you awake the whole night. For such severe scenarios, it is advisable to sleep in different rooms. Each of you will get to sleep peacefully. Before taking this initiative, start by discussing it with your partner. Make him or her understand the difficulties and politely run him or her through your proposed solutions.

3) Try Different Sleep Schedules

You can keep yourself busy with other duties while your partner is sleeping. The best thing to do to achieve this is to understand and respect your partner’s sleeping time. For example, if you both work during the day and sleep at night, you can decide to let him or her work during the day and sleep at night, and on the other hand, you sleep during the day and work at night. It is easy if you both talk and arrive at a mutually agreed upon schedule.

4) Play Some Relaxing Background White Noise To Help You Sleep

White noise may help your brain divert the focus from snoring noises to soothing and calming sounds. In technical terms, white noise is ‘anti-noise,’ helping weaken or cancel out unwanted sound waves. This applies to snore sounds as well. Rain sounds will work for some individuals, while other people will prefer soft human whispers close to the ears. Soft music also works for some. 

My Say 

At times lack of sleep can make you lose focus or forget important appointments and deadlines. 

That said, you should discuss with your partner about what you are going through and try out solutions for your circumstances and his condition as well that can help.

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