An Open Letter of a Mother to Her Daughter

11:00 PM

To my dear daughter,

The day you came was the happiest moment of my life, incomparable to other memorable moments which I have been fortunate enough to have experienced in this life.  You were the eldest of my children and without loving your siblings any less, you will always be special to me.  We have formed a bond so strong that we usually show it to others by wearing the same clothes and sporting the same hairstyles.

You left us to find your place in another land and I let you because you wanted to.  I will never be the one to stand in the way of your dreams and you know I will support you always.  I chose not to tell you that only a year after you have left, I was diagnosed with cancer because I didn't want to disturb your peace when you are so far away from us.

I bravely went through the treatments because I really wanted to get better because I know you will be coming home soon to get married.  Even when I had temporary memory loss because of the treatments, my mother's heart never forgot any of you.  And when I was diagnosed with another sickness, I prayed that I will be given the chance to perform my last duty for you.

God answered my prayers.  I was strong enough to attend your wedding and when I felt weakness settle in, I prayed even harder for the strength to finish this task.  I wouldn't want to spoil your special day for any reason and God listened one more time.

I saw you leave again to go back to work after several days here with us.  Although I knew then that it would probably be the last time we'll see each other, I was at peace, knowing that I have finished my task.  Much as I wanted to stay, I am so sorry for having to leave only within days after your wedding day.  But remember this, I will always be with you.  I know that you will have your own child soon and I know this will lead you to better understand how I felt when I had you.


Dedicated to Knol and her mother, Theresa

Note:  The above "letter" is the author's own interpretation of the story of one of my eldest daughter's good friends, Knol Lopez-Lopez and her mother, Ma. Theresa Reyes Lopez

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  1. This is so touching...I must agree for I am a mother too.. No one could take the love of a mother to her child...:D

  2. Yes indeed very touching story!

    1. Stopped by and read this post! ....touching

  3. A very touching letter of a mother to her daughter.Nobody can replace mothers love to her child,their love is unconditional.

  4. I had to grab a tissue while reading through this. Being a mother myself, I can definitely relate. Mothers will always be the best, doing everything they can to see their children happy and successful.

  5. What a touching but sweet letter from a Mom to her daughter
    :-) How I wish that I walk the aisle with my Mom :-) I love the letter :-) Thank you for sharing :-)

  6. That's so moving, it almost drove me to tears...
    I can see myself writing the same letter to my daughter. We moms will do anything and everything for them... That's love in its truest form.

  7. So touching, I can't help to have teary eyed reading the letter. She is a lucky daughter to have a mother like her.

  8. This is really a touching story. It has a bittersweet ending but I'd take the mission accomplished part of the mother as a shining moment before she left. And it's true, a mother's love know no bounds.

  9. OMG I cried. This is so touching. I know too that it breaks my mom's heart whenever I leave. Thanks for sharing this.

  10. this made me cry .. the mother's love cannot be measured by anything... you are so lucky to have her...

  11. Namiss ko si Nanay ate, sana naka abot sya nung kasal namin :(

    But I know she is now at peace kasama si Tatay.

  12. I can just feel the love embracing her daughter the whole time! So touching and sweet!

  13. I am so emotional while reading this letter.
    Your mother is so BRAVE and LOVING at the same time.
    Never she thinks of herself and the pain she suffered.
    Her unselfish heart of being a mother until her last breath.

  14. Very touching letter. It shows how unconditional a mother's love his to her child(ren)

  15. oh. so touching. I wish my mother stayed a little longer for us.. mother's love is pure and now as a mom of two, I fully understand how my mother became a mother that she was to us.

  16. indeed a touching letter. i hope i get the chance to open my heart to my mother but for now, i just let the pain remain.

  17. A touching and heartfelt letter from a loving mother. A real eye opener to me since my mom suffered a stroke a few days ago and is now the healthy and witty woman I used to know. It's about time that I do share quality time with her.


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