The 4th Goldilocks Cake Expo 2013 - Let Your Imagination Fly

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Goldilocks Cake Expo

The 4th Goldilocks Cake Expo held last February 24, 2013 at the Hall 4 of SMX was again a huge success like the three previous events.  Its main theme for this year is : Let Your Imagination Fly.  It was designed to be an event with activities lined up for the whole family.  

The Event Proper

For a minimal fee of P 50.00 per person, the public was given the chance to experience the many offerings of Goldilocks placed under one roof.  There was the Avoset Whipped Cream Workshop and the Cake Deco Hands-on Workshop.  The Fly for Hope Activity Area allowed participants to design their own cake balloon for a donation of P 20.00 while the DYC Booth gave an opportunity for budding cake designers to try their skill for the cost of P 60.00 which included one fluffy mamon and cake decorating materials.  Donation proceeds will go to the Goldilocks Foundation F.E.E.D. Program.

Fly for Hope
Fly for Hope Activity Area

Cake Expo with Chico and Delamar
On stage with Chico and Delamar

Everyone had access to the ICDC Exhibit , Goldilocks Cake Display Area, the Gtizen Booth, and the various booths of exhibitors.  The first 500 registrants who successfully completed 7 stamps went home with loot bags.  A show that featured a cake decorating demo and various games on stage was hosted by Chico and Delamar.

arts and crafts
My son's decorated cake balloon

girl and cake
My daughter's decorated mamon in a box

The Main Event

The culminating activity in this event was the 8th Annual Intercollegiate Cake Decorating Challenge (ICDC). It featured ten competing schools including Centro Escolar University Manila, La Consolacion College Bacolod, Lipa City Colleges, Lyceum of the Philippines Batangas, Lyceum of the Philippines Laguna, St, Anne Lucena Inc., St. Louis College Valenzuela, STI Fairview, University of the East Manila, and Western Institute of Technology Iloilo.  It was a cake decorating contest under time limit and without prior knowledge of cake themes and decorating parameters.

The over-all champion got to bring home P 250,000, apart from individual prizes.  The main prize is intended to benefit the represented school for the improvement of its facilities related to the course in Culinary Arts. This contest offers the perfect opportunity to highlight future pastry chefs while providing support to Hotel and Restaurant and Culinary Arts Training in the school level.

Winners All!

Over-all Champion: Western Institute of Technology - Iloilo

Filipiniana Wedding Theme
First Place - Western Institute of Technology - Iloilo
Second Place - Centro Escolar University - Manila
Third Place - Lyceum of the Philippines - Laguna

Mardi Gras Debut Theme
First Place - St. Louis College - Valenzuela
Second Place - Lyceum of the Philippines - Batangas
Third Place - St. Anne Lucena Inc.

whipped cream creation
My attempt at a whipped cream snowman

mamon decorating
My daughter's attempt at cake decorating

Up Close and Personal 

During the event, some members of the media including myself, were given the chance to interview Ms. Pinky Yee, the Marketing Director of Goldilocks.  She shared her observation that baking  is not being given that much attention in Culinary Arts training done in Philippine schools.  They hope to change that by actively promoting the art of baking primarily through this annual competition.

She also shared that Goldilocks has a total of 326 stores nationwide, 21 in the US, 2 in Canada, and 5 in Thailand.  Only 1/3 of these stores are company-owned while the rest are franchises.  She says that Goldilocks has more than 400 bakery products in all. 

name on the wall
My children's names on the board
My Say

Ms. Yee repeatedly referred to the Goldilocks brand as a brand that represents Filipino cuisine so I asked her what particular representation of the Filipino culture does the company wish to present.  She summed it up with the words "sweet and delightful Filipino moments".  Catering to the broad "C" market, she says that Goldilocks has a product for every budget.

That said, I can say with all honesty that I grew up with Goldilocks products.  The only other bakeshop which I remember as their contemporary has long been gone from the scene although I remember it trying to make a comeback some years ago.  I can appreciate Ms. Yee's pride in the brand as I am no stranger to that feeling.  I am happy that Goldilocks has grown with the times and has exhibited its determination to continue doing what they do best.  My family and I will certainly be looking forward to the 5th Goldilocks Cake Expo in 2014.

mother and daughter at cake expo
Final picture before going home

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