A Whimsical Halloween Party at the Goldilocks Cake City

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For children and parents who are not exactly into the horror side of Halloween celebrations, a whimsical celebration of princesses, superheroes, and cartoon characters may be a preferred option.  Knowing this fully well, Goldilocks decided to hold its whimsical Halloween party today to coincide with its official announcement about its newly opened party place located at its Shaw Boulevard Headquarters - the Goldilocks Cake City.  Dressed in our pirate costumes, my daughter and I attended this event together with other mommy bloggers and their families.

The Goldilocks Cake City

This newest party place  of Goldilocks can comfortably accommodate up to fifty people with still enough space for the installations, decorations, and games that all parties come with.  Goldilocks Cake City is located in a highly accessible area in Shaw Boulevard.  Its primary offerings consist of Goldilocks treats with a choice of three menu packages plus the "Create your Own Party Package".

The event started with a Decorate-your-cake (DYC) session which was followed by various games.  My daughter gamely proceeded with the cake decorating but took a little more time in joining the games.  I reminded her that part of enjoying any party is participating in its activities.  

There were two winners chosen for the day.  One was for the best cake design and the other was for the best costume.  Two mommy bloggers came out as winners -- Mommy Peachy for the best cake design and Mommy Louise for the best in costume.

No Halloween event will be complete without children getting their loot bags and my daughter couldn't be happier with what she got.  This was certainly a different treat for her from the usual Trick-or-Treat event which she joins every year in our neighborhood.  

My Say

The decision on where to hold children's birthday parties is no longer the sole decision of parents especially for the older ones.  Most have their own ideas of what their parties should look like.  It is not surprising therefore that the marketing efforts of businesses engaged in this particular service are considering not only parents' budget but also to how appealing offers are in the children's view.

Parents, especially those who are fond of celebrating their children's special occasions in party venues can appreciate having additional options to choose from such as this provided by Goldilocks Cake City.  It provides an opportunity to enjoy Goldilocks treats in a party atmosphere.  As more choices are made available for children's parties, competing businesses are only expected to get better as each tries to get the nod of parents and children alike.  If the Goldilocks Whimsical Halloween Party is a preview of the kind of children's birthday parties they are offering,  then Goldilocks can certainly provide stiff competition.

That said, it makes sense to consider all available options in relation to budget and personal preference.

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