Recognition Day - The Day When Students' Hard Work are Recognized

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At the end of every school-year, students who have worked hard in their academics, conduct, and attendance are given due recognition for their efforts.  When one thinks that these efforts have to be maintained for almost  a whole year or ten months to be exact, it can be thought of as an impossible task. When a student however is taught to imbibe these desirable student traits into his or her everyday life, maintaining the required standards becomes a lot easier to achieve.

The Academic Awards

Among the awards given out in school, the academic awards remain to be the most prestigious.  It is the most coveted because it signifies recognition of intelligence which is understandably something to be proud of.  In my children's school, the Academic Awards are divided into two main categories: the General Scholastic Awardee whose grades must all be 95 and above and the Academic Achievement Awardee whose grades must all be 90 and above.

Any single grade below 90 even in one quarter automatically disqualifies a student form getting an Academic Award.  Quite a tall order really but many students are able to qualify.  It is a significant heartbreak when that grade below 90 occurs at the fourth quarter because the award  was almost within reach.  This happens though because lessons during the fourth quarter are usually the most difficult.

The Conduct Award

The Conduct Award is a behavioral award.  Conduct awardees have to behave properly in school at all times and at all instances even when challenged by a classmate or schoolmate who may never have a crack at this award.  They are also expected to be good performers as well in terms of academics although students with a grade in the line of 8 can still qualify.

Candidates for the Conduct Award have to be participative in class.  He or she cannot remain quiet all throughout class and expect to be given the award.  This award is holistic in approach rather than a typical award for the "goody type".

The Attendance Award

The Attendance Award requires a student to never incur absence or tardiness during school days, school activities, and even practices for the Recognition Day itself.  This award is quite unforgiving even with valid reasons for absences including sickness since this is the only qualification for the award.  Students who are late for the next class after recess or lunch are disqualified from getting the award even if they came to class in time in the morning.

The Special Awards

On the last day of class before the official Recognition Day, students in my children's school all receive behavioral rewards.  Awards like "Most Gentle", "Most Neat, and "Most Friendly"  are given to each and every student with all the possible positive adjectives available in the English dictionary.  These awards are being given to remind students that each of them have their own good points regardless of whether or not they are part of the Recognition Day.  

My Say

I am proud to say that my two children who are still studying have always been part of the Recognition Day. My youngest will receive her Academic Achievement Award and Conduct Award this Saturday. She almost got the Perfect Attendance Award but had to absent herself from school during the last two days because of high fever.  My older child will receive his Conduct Award and Perfect Attendance Award on their Grade 6 Graduation Day on Friday.  It was a real disappointment for him not to qualify for the Academic Achievement Award this year after having consistently maintained it since Nursery.

That said, these awards are products of my children's perseverance and hard work.  I salute them for their achievement.  Time and again I have said this, as long as my children have given their best, I rest my case whatever the results.   


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