Why it is Difficult to Find the Perfect Gift for My Husband

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Why is it so difficult to search for the perfect gift for my husband?   It has to be that one thing that could put that elusive smile on his face without breaking the bank. Although I am again clueless as what to give him for his birthday today, I can think of at least three factors why it is no easy feat to find that much sought-after gift for a very special person like my husband.

He never asks for anything.

It is true. My husband does not ask for any material thing. For the life of me, I cannot remember one instance when he asked to be bought something for himself. In fact, during the rare times when our family goes out shopping for our necessities, he always returns the items meant for him and reasons that his things are still usable.

He keeps his gifts for future use or he give them to his loved ones.

If you are the kind of gift-giver who is excited to see him use your gift immediately, you are bound to be disappointed. The gift either goes straight to storage to be used at some opportune future time or be given to one of our children or relatives.  He is  kind of "love-it-to-bits-guy" who do not dispose his things until their use have been maximized. Now, that our son is already as tall as him, he has the tendency to pass on new clothes, shoes, and other men' accessories to our son, reasoning that he does not go out often anyway.

He is most happy when the gift he receives can be enjoyed by the whole family.

This is probably the most difficult cost-wise, if you are a gift-giver who wish to make him truly happy.  He is most happy when the gift he receives is something he can share to his family.  Thus if you are thinking of treating him to a special place for example, you must make sure that it will not only be for him but can accommodate at least us, his immediate family.  If this is not possible, he will usually pass on the gift to a relative who can avail of the gift on his own. Again, he reasons that it will not be fun anyway when he goes alone.

My Say

My husband has been the giver for the most part of our relationship. His giving side became more evident when our children came. Sometimes, I am almost driven to the point of exasperation when it seems to me that he is overdoing it. Of course, I would like him to enjoy as well.

That said, as of this writing, I still don't know what to give the man who has given us so much of his time, his strength, and his love. Often, I'd wish I could say to him he can have one day off from his responsibilities just to enjoy his birthday but since it's just us with the kids and a big pile of waiting domestic and writing jobs, I couldn't. You see, he does the research required to expedite my writing tasks. Besides, I know no matter how we push him away even for a day, he won't budge and go on his merry way of serving and giving, and will be no less happy for it.

If you were in my place, what do you think is the perfect gift to give to a husband like mine?

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