Non-Scary Halloween Costumes for Young Girls

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If your young girl is anything like my youngest child, you wouldn't catch her wearing any scary costume or anything that will be considered less than pretty. She is definitely all-girl with her choices even with Halloween costumes. Since she started joining Halloween Trick or Treats, her costumes consisted of being a princess, a Chinese girl, a storybook character, a cartoon character, a sorceress, and a pirate. For her, zombies and ghosts are simply not her thing.

halloween costume for young girls

This year, we are again looking for the perfect costume that she would be happy to wear. We enjoy searching over the Internet for possible choices. Here are some of the costumes that caught her fancy and my approval as well. We found it all in one website.

The Common Denominator

Looking into these trimmed down choices, I saw one common denominator - the tutu style skirt of all dresses except for the Cinderella costume.  As you can see all the other costumes for an angel, lady bug, cat, Halloween-design, and snow flake fairy, have all been modified to the said style. We also saw several Disney princess costumes modified into tutu styled skirts but my daughter decided to go traditional on this one and thus opted for the usual length.

I'm not actually sure if this style is currently on trend right now especially since I've included the words "vintage" and "hand-made" in my given keywords. I've always associated these two words with classy elegance. None the less, I am quite confident that these styles will always be wearable at any time.

Always Whimsical, Never Scary

That is how it has always been with my daughter. She has always enjoyed dressing up for Halloween but would absolutely refuse to go scary-looking. It's a good thing that Halloween events for children nowadays accommodate both the whimsical and scary ways of dressing.

In their school, there will be two major awards awarded to students for their own Halloween activity: The Most Beautiful Costume and The Scariest Costume. I suppose we all know which award she will be happy to get. Anyway, my son would be trying to win the other. 

My Say

From the time my daughter was able to dress herself up, she knew what she wanted in her clothing style. There was nothing anyone could say that could convince her to change her mind once she decides a dress is not to her liking. Mind you, this is not about a choice between expensive clothes and cheap ones. It is about individualized style which she thinks fits her and for that she earned my respect.

That said, she may have to wait a while before she will be able to follow her preferred style to her heart's content when she is already earning. As for now, she will have to work with me in coming up with DIY near replicas of her dream costumes. It is either that or her grandmother comes to the rescue with readily-supplied costumes.

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