My Son's First Published Article: Hot Off the Press

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I have waited a long time to see my son's first published article in their school publication. More than my personal pride as his mother is my happiness in seeing my son feeling accomplished and fulfilled for this milestone in his life. Wherever his writing efforts take him in the future, he will always look back to this article as his first.

Early Attempts at Writing

My son's first attempts at writing were kind of different actually. They consisted of fictional stories revolving around known cartoon characters. One of his firsts had an incredibly long title
"The Chronicles of Maverick Hunter Mega Man X the Day of Sigma". I remember this very well because it was the first one he placed in his blog. 

I have always wondered where he gets out-of-this-world ideas about his story plots but never discouraged him. I would try to refine his story lines once in a while when he requests for it but would generally leave him alone to spin his stories. My main task for him was to check for grammatical errors. I told him to publish his first post as is so it will serve as a gauge of his improvement through time.  I figured I will just limit his creativity if I insist on what I think should be done in his writing.

Dabbling in Poetry

He is also into poetry. Like his fictional stories, he just wrote what he felt like writing. I noticed however, a certain maturity in his poem writing.

It didn't surprise me at all that his chosen topic will be of the Bible. True to his name Pio which means "pious", he has always been in touch with his spiritual side. I even remember a story he told me when a classmate confided a problem to him and then his initial response was to lend his rosary. Apparently it worked as his classmate thanked him after.

My Say

I think creative writing is good for my son. It allows him to put his many ideas on paper. You would not believe just how many he's got. From the time he wakes up in the morning and throughout the day until sleep time, he would tell us of those ideas. I have to admit that I sometimes cannot give all the time to listen to them because of my work so I just ask him to write them for me to read later.

That said, it is important for us parents to support our children's interest. Instead of pushing them to do things that they do not like, we might as well be sensitive and aware of the things they do like. There is no reason for us to be a hindrance if the path they choose to follow will not be harmful to them.

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