Remembering Those Who Had Gone Before Us

8:18 PM

Looking up to the heavens at sunset, I cannot help but remember those who had gone before me...of people who touched my life somehow during their lifetime and people who I feel have gone ahead back into the arms of our Creator without me knowing. I remember them quite clearly in this stillness, in this moment wherein I am undisturbed by earthly worries. Once again, I feel their presence through the memories they forever etched in my heart.

When I close my eyes, I can almost see them. I remember events down to the last detail, their laughter, their tears, their dreams, their love...and yes their humanness. Their failures ceased to matter now. They lived and someone remembered and that is what matters.

For the greatest grief is to have lived and died without anyone noticing, almost as if we had never walked the face of the earth. Seeing people's eyes light up with the good memories we leave is priceless. It is mission accomplished here on earth and on to the next.

Remembering cannot be forced. No monument can ever do that for us. We build memories through relationships,through genuine empathy for others who we may not personally know, and by making a stand when it is needed though unpopular.

No life should ever be lived in vain. Everyone is bound to be important at least to one other human being. All my loved ones who passed on can count on me to remember as I try to build my own memories for those I will leave behind when the time comes.

I see my ancestors in the eyes of my descendants probably like most people who are attuned to the connection of the past to the present and the present to the future. In remembering those who have gone before us, we are acknowledging the value of their life. They may have gone but they are not forgotten.

My Say

In memory of all my loved ones who have gone before me...

That said a grateful heart never forgets. 

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