Unilever Food Solutions: How to Run an Efficient Commercial Kitchen

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It takes more than a secret recipe and guts to run a commercial kitchen efficiently. Unilever Food Solutions knows this too well. It is in this regard that it seeks to offer food service businesses such as restaurants and catering companies, training and consultancy services not only in the cooking aspect but also in good management and organization.

What is Unilever Food Solutions?

Unilever Food Solutions is a food service company which primarily aims to provide inspiration to chefs and operators to run a better kitchen to ensure customer satisfaction and profitable business operation. It has the biggest network of chefs around the world that handles these services. In the Philippines, a team composed of five chefs are taking this challenge seriously as they provide insights created by chefs for chefs. Its clients include carinderias, school canteens, large food chains, and 5-Star hotels.

The services of Unilever Food Solutions are focused on three main aspects: guests, menu, and the kitchen. Success of any food business is premised on understanding how guests make their choices; creating tasty, healthy, and more profitable menus; and working smarter in the kitchen. The idea is to earn profit by ensuring that guests will keep coming back for more and by having slicker kitchen operation through producing quality products and keeping costs in control.

What Does It Offer?

Costs control is done in part by using ingredients bought in bulk or commercial sizes. Unilever Food Solutions offers such products in popular brands including Knorr, Lipton, Best Foods, Lady's Choice, Carte D'or, and Selecta. Product choices consist of bouillon, desserts, dressings, pasta, sauces, seasonings, soups, spreads, and teas.  

The chefs are able to recommend modifications and new ways of doing things in the kitchen for the improvement of business operation. This is backed up by research into diners' needs and global dining trends. UFS can bring its services to the food service operator. The option to come to UFS instead for learning through its fully equipped state-of-the-art Chefmanship Academy Centre is likewise available . The Unilever Food Solutions website also provides recipes on commercial scale which can help budding entrepreneurs develop their menu. It is to be noted that most sites offer recipes intended to serve only a small group of people such as those in a home.

A Closer Look at Unilever Food Solutions

I was invited along with three other bloggers to attend an intimate presentation of what Unilever Food Solutions is all about. We met Ms, Louren Marie Chua, Channel Marketing Manager of UFS and Chef Joanne Limoanco-Gendrano , one of the chefs who compose the 5-chef team at the Unilever Kitchen in UN Avenue in Manila. The goal is to let more people know that there is such an option as Unilever Food Solutions which can greatly help in creating successful food service businesses. The team of chefs work hand-in-hand with nutritionists to come up with the best food to offer guests both in terms of flavor and nutrition.

Since the holidays are just around the corner, we had a sampling of Chef Joanne's idea of what she suggests can easily be prepared by busy moms for the season. We had our fill of rice cooker paella, fried cheesy mussels, and ka-llos, her own version of kaldereta and callos in one. Everyone agreed how delicious everything was. I personally couldn't wait to try making them at home since Chef Joanne shared the recipe with us. Whether to be used for home consumption or as trial for possible foray into food business, the given recipes are certainly worth trying.

My Say

Having been exposed to the restaurant business since I was a kid, I understood perfectly well that it is no joke to establish and run a food service business. It takes developed skills, strong determination, and a thorough understanding of the market which is intended to be served. Anything less will make business success more difficult to achieve than it already is.

That said, I am really glad that I got to know about Unilever Food Solutions because I intend to avail of their services once I get my dream restaurant up and running.

For more information about Unilever Food Solutions, visit www.ufs.com

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