My 2014 Fearless Goals: Taking Charge of My Life

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In lieu of the usual list of New Year's Resolutions made by most people at about this time of the year, I am presenting my own list of 2014 Fearless Goals in relation to my main goal which is to take charge of my life. After careful and long thinking, I have come to realize that I have been spending a large part of my life going with the flow rather than creating my own path. Before it is too late, I would like to lead my life to better health, higher but realistic endeavors, embracing new experiences, deeper spirituality, and to loving myself more minus the guilt.

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Achieve Better State of Health

At my age, health is something I should not be taking for granted. I've known this truth for some time now but I have always ended up sacrificing it for more "important priorities". I am resolving to stop this nonsense right now, knowing that all these so-called priorities would amount to nothing if I get seriously sick or worse succumb to early death. I will again start my daily walk and who knows God forbid, I might just go back to dancing although I am really eyeing yoga.

Aim for Higher But Realistic Endeavors

I am making a mental note of desisting from being afraid of failure. I know by now that failure will not kill me and most of the time will make a better person out of me. I will no longer be afraid to aim realistically high for now I know I have nothing to lose but the opportunity of succeeding.

Embrace New Experiences

There are a lot of things I haven't tried. Some I will never regret for missing out, but some I will be secretly forever sighing about. I have the least experience in travel, sports, and new food trends, almost always sticking to the tried and tested (read: safe and familiar). It's time to have more adventure in these aspects of my life.

Attain Deeper Spirituality

For more than a year now, I have been trying this with varying amounts of success depending on the situation. I will embrace this more than ever knowing that it has been instrumental in my efforts to successfully meet challenges presented by life. I will no longer hold back because I know my faith makes the impossible possible.

Love Myself More Minus the Guilt

When I became a mother, I learned to make sacrifices spontaneously. No one had to teach me as the love flowed naturally from my heart. In the process, I somehow forgot myself, almost leaving nothing of that love for myself. I discovered in time that I cannot give what I do not have and so I resolved to love myself again in order to love others more. I will try to set aside a little time and money to take care of my personal well-being without having to beat myself for taking the effort to do so.

My Say

As I seek to take charge of my life in the coming year, it is with conscious thought of all my responsibilities and obligations. I will forever be a mother, a wife, a woman, a daughter, a sister, a friend, but this time with consideration of the fact that I am a human being as well. I will have to learn to say no to doing things out of love that will put my personal peace at risk.

That said, these are my Fearless Goals for 2014. Like the image above, I will walk with confidence and direction without forgetting to smell the flowers around that makes life worth-living. Watch me take charge of my life starting NOW!

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