What My Family Wants This Christmas

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We've been at it for almost a year now from the time our laptop heaved its last breath and left us only with one desktop computer to use. With my work involving so much computer use and the kids' school work requiring so much computer use as well, the computer chair barely had a second to be vacant. Everyone of us is literally on edge when submission deadlines would conflict with each other as one is bound to suffer, one way or the other.

A new and additional computer is what my family wants this Christmas - no question about that.

Major Purchases

For a regular family like ours where the household  budget needs to be carefully observed so as not to cause a major financial ripple, impulsive buying is a luxury we cannot afford. Purchasing an additional computer is a major financial decision to make. Every major purchase eventually finds itself in our list of things to buy according to priorities.

My husband and I have been hoping that we can buy another computer this Christmas. We are hoping that we will all have lesser frayed nerves once we are able to get one. When  my children saw the computer shown above while they were searching online, I knew that they have set their hearts on it. Only another parent will understand how it feels when it is not possible to say outright that what they want can be bought immediately. It is really a good thing that my children have been trained to wait patiently and without complaints.

Finding a Way 

Though I didn't say anything, I remembered the item very clearly and secretly hoped that I could find a way. While looking through Lazada PH, an online shopping site which I like to visit because of the many products it offers, I saw the same computer being offered and a whole lot more options to consider. It is really exciting to go through their list of products.

Products are categorized to make the search easier. The best deals in books, electronics, phones & accessories, computers, home & living, hardware, home appliances, toys, kids & babies, travel and luggage, beauty, jewelry & watches, fashion, and sports can be found through the site. Consumers can literally shop anytime and anywhere with the least effort. Their Christmas Bazaar page is also worth checking out.

Why You Should Consider Lazada

While going through their products, I learned that it offers free shipping nationwide for purchases PHP 1,000 and above. A very minimal fee is required for orders below PHP 1,000. Shipping fee may be charged for large and heavy items.

It has partnered with LBC and 2GO for its nationwide delivery. Delivery within Metro Manila will be done from 1- 5 days while delivery to addresses outside Metro Manila will be done from 5-10 days. It may take longer for particularly remote areas. Free returns of items can be done within 14 days subject to certain conditions. There are several payment options offered including Cash on Delivery, Credit Card, BDO Installment, MegaLink, and Paypal. 

My Say

In everything that we need to provide for the family, we need to find the best products, the best deals in terms of cost and payment, and the best assurance that we will have the most satisfactory buying experience possible. I did some research and I have yet to find a price lower than that offered for the computer in the site. We still have to do some pencil-pushing for the cost of the computer but I am glad to note of the other options available if and when paying in cash proves to be not a realistic option for us at this time. Opting for a lower-priced item is likewise an open option for us.

That said, consumers need to have access to genuinely good offers because it is certainly no joke to buy things nowadays. While deciding, I have noted the assurance of Lazada that it only provides authentic products and that certainly is comforting. Lower cost cannot justify for the lack of quality as having to buy another even before its time will turn out more costly in the end. 

My family does not only want a computer. We need it. What better time to find the best deal there is in the market than now?

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