The Bare Facts of SingTel mRemit: How to Remit Money from Singapore Using Your Mobile Phone

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With the large number of Filipinos working in Singapore, safe remittance of hard-earned money to their loved-ones at home has become a major concern. Traditional means of sending money include sending through banks, remittance centers, and the old-fashioned way of sending money through friends or co-workers going back home for vacation or permanently. SingTel, the leading telecommunications company in Singapore provides an easy but safe option - the SingTel mRemit.

Watch this video to know how easy it is to remit money from Singapore using your mobile phone.

Just to make sure you got it right, here are the Bare Facts of SingTel mRemit:

Bare Fact 1 - No more queues

Falling in line is always shall a hassle especially if there are so many in line. Every second is important to working people. You can do you transaction anywhere you are in Singapore using your mobile phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Bare Fact 2 - How to Get Money into Your Phone

You will need to register with mCash for you to be able to send your money through your phone. Simply go to any of the more than 1,000 top-up locations in Singapore to do this. These locations include convenience stores and any AXS machine.

Bare Fact 3 - Low remittance fee

Remittance fee is as low as $ 2.40. SingTel's aim is to keep the fees capped low. Lower remittance fee is of course advantageous to working Filipinos in Singapore.

Bare Fact 4 - Open to all mobile operators

The SingTel mRemit service is open to all regardless of their mobile operator. Of course, SingTel offers its loyal clients added benefits for using the service. 

How to Start

1. Visit an mRemit store to register.

2. Provide mobile phone number and required documents including original passport, NRIC/ Work permit/ S Pass/ E Pass, as well as the recipient's details.

3. Register your mCash account. Remember that your mCash account contains your money which you will be remitting to your home country.

4. You can send money through your mobile phone using the mWallet app or through SMS.

5. Watch the video above to guide you.

My Say

The SingTel mRemit is one of the more convenient options of sending money offered to Filipinos working in Singapore. Even with the existence of the more traditional means of sending money, there is always room for improved ones to catch up with the very mobile lifestyle of people today.

That said, if you are a Filipino working in Singapore or knows someone who does, you can look into the SingTel mRemit option if it will fit your remittance needs.

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