Fall But Rise Again

6:57 PM

In our lifetime we will take a fall, 
Some harder than others,
Some will make us stall,
And some will deeply cut and bother.

In my lifetime I've known a lot,
Of these falls that cut through the heart,
Of the kind that makes my blood clot,
The kind that makes it easier to depart.

These falls gave me cuts and bruises,
Most have turned into scars,
But I will not use them as excuses,
To stay down and keep me in bars.

I will rise again and again,
As many times as I have fallen,
For I refuse to be chained,
To the grief that makes my life sullen.

I have one life to live and I will not waste it,
In pining for things that cannot be,
I choose to live and love it,
I may fall but I will rise as me.

Just as the sun sets and rise again,
So will my fall and rise be,
I live for something better that is certain,
Don't count me out that is my plea.

Photo Credits: Ada Therese Martinez 
see her other works in her blog

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