Symptoms of Anxiety? 5 Ways to Create a Relaxed Atmosphere at Home

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The pressure of everyday life is crushing for many people. The demands on us from society and employers are increasing, and our sense of decreasing safety in what appears to be an uncaring world has a detrimental affect on our health. Stress builds up over time until one day something snaps in the thought processes and mental health issues follow. It can be in the form of depression or anxiety conditions such as agoraphobia that are more prevalent than ever.

It is possible to do battle against these conditions within the home by making physical changes to it. Using relaxation as a tool to combat stress is a common treatment, so creating a calm atmosphere at home can only be a good thing.

Here are five ways to create a relaxing environment in your home to make it a calmer place to live in.

Dim The Lights
It sounds simple doesn’t it? Dimming the lights in the evening has a subconscious effect on the psyche. It is telling your body that night time is approaching and that it should prepare for sleep. Dim lighting is also an attractive feature in a room. Use table lamps to highlight some areas while leaving others dark.

If your room is a barren contemporary wasteland, consider changing it to a warmer, more comfortable place to be. Are you sitting on plastic chairs, trying to convince yourself that it is comfortable? You are only fooling yourself. Move the style of the room back to comfortable and traditional surroundings if you can. Reclining furniture is a fantastic product for someone practicing relaxation techniques. Putting on a relaxation therapy CD and raising your feet into a comfortable position can do wonders to a highly-stressed disposition.

Declutter The House
A messy house signifies a messy mind so clean and tidy your surroundings. Store everything away in their proper places. Concentrate on the bedroom where a serene ambiance is vital to your peace of mind. Use fitted wardrobes to hide clothing, shoes, and any other mess. As mentioned earlier, use subtle lighting in the bedroom too, as a calming feature.

Restrict television viewing to when you know there is a program on that you want to see. Leaving the news on all day does nothing for your mood as broadcasters have a duty to inform us of the terrible things happening in the world. Play some calming music throughout the home, or maybe sounds of nature that bring a sense of peacefulness.

Introduce luxury back into the home by using plush fabrics for curtains and soft furnishings. Modern window blinds are not exactly known for effectively blocking out the light or bringing a warm feeling to a room. Replace them with some heavy drapes that will cocoon you in your place of safety. Carpets are better than wooden flooring for setting a relaxed scene too. Products that are highly desirable and modern for some are proving to be cold and lacking to others.

My Say

These are my ideas for creating suitably relaxing surroundings for your home. Think about other factors as well such as decor. Are you using the best colors to achieve the feel you want or is your home a safe white throughout? Deep rich colors have a way of bringing  a feel of safety and security with them.

That said, of course, feeling safe at home sometimes exacerbates the problem of going out for some people.We all need a haven where we feel safe and secure and we can make the necessary changes to achieve it. We must remember though that we still need to go out no matter how ideal our home atmosphere is but we can always look forward to going home to a place that relieves us of anxiety. A home must be a place of personal refuge - relaxed, welcoming, and unpretentious.

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