The Gift of Smile and Laughter for Father's Day

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What do you give a father who doesn't care much about material gifts?... who would rather save than spend? ...who never asked for anything for himself? What indeed? 

This has always been the mind-boggling question I need to answer every time there is a special occasion that required giving him a gift. My children and I would give anything to see him smile or hear him laugh because it is very contagious. Then a brilliant idea came into mind during an unplanned visit to a dental clinic.

The Gift of Smile and Laughter

I simply couldn't resist taking pictures of him this afternoon during a lull in our daily house cleaning (note the pile of clothes at the back). He was in exceptionally high spirits these past few days. I got to observe this after he got his new dentures which we both knew was long overdue.

The problem of people in our age group is that we need to put more attention to our physical well-being. Age will usually bring about issues in eyesight and dental care, including the need to wear dentures. My husband has been wearing partial dentures for years which needed a replacement. So brushing aside his objections primarily due to cost, I made arrangements to give him the gift of smile and laughter for this Father's Day.

The Unwilling Patient

While my children were being examined by the dentist, my resolve for him to have new dentures made got stronger. I talked with the dentist and requested her to check my husband's teeth as well and the possibility of having new dentures made. I know my husband too well to feel confident that he will not argue with me in front of other people, and so he became the unwilling patient.

After the examination, the dentist provided me the options. I especially favored the flexible rubber dentures. Although it is more expensive than metal frame dentures, it offered superior aesthetics due to the absence of metal clasps and also a lifetime guarantee against breakage. We went home and thought about it. I was surprised that my husband was no longer resisting and actually looked like he was looking forward to it. I made the decision after a couple of days and set up for an appointment with Asian Base Dental Group.

The Best Father's Day Gift

So my husband got his Father's Day gift more than a week early. He had to go to the clinic four times. The first three was to get the impression for the denture mold, for initial fitting,and to get the new dentures. The fourth visit was necessary as some adjustments had to be made for a more comfortable fit. 

All throughout the process, the clinic personnel were very professional and courteous. Everything they needed was ready. It made the long travel from our place worth it.

My Say

It is a big mistake for people to neglect dental care at whatever age. We are never too young nor too old not to care. Teeth condition has such a big impact in a person's appearance that self-confidence is easily affected. It can altogether affect a person's general disposition.

That said, I believe I made the right decision in giving the gift of smile and laughter to our father of the house. He deserves it and I thank Asian Base Dental Group for helping me make it possible. So what is your gift to your father?

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  1. nice set of pearly whites can really give a person a sense of confidence and happiness that he/she needs! right?


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