The Measure of a Father's Courage - #BeedaSiTatay this Father's Day

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Fathers are not exactly as demonstrative with their love for their children like mothers are. This does not in any way mean that they care less. It is just their way or they may have some others ways.

Compare the two pictures above. The first one shows my father carrying me while the second one shows my husband carrying our youngest. Notice how each looked at the child he is carrying. I have never seen so much tenderness in the face of these two men before I got to examine these photos closely. These pictures were taken 40 years apart but the same expression is seen albeit the obvious formality of my father.

The Brave Front

Fathers are expected to be the bravest in their respective families. They are expected to take care, defend, and perform the impossible for the family, if needed. With such expectations, it is no wonder that many fathers choose to put up a brave front even during those times when they are themselves tired and scared.

My late father was such type of father. He projected a very strong and strict personality. He acted like a father figure through and through. My husband is the exact opposite. He acts more a like a friend to our children. It is not for me to judge their parenting style. All I know is that in spite of the big difference in their personalities, their commonality lies in loving their children without question.

The Test of Fatherhood

Both men accepted their responsibilities as a father, including those that can be considered as real tests of fatherhood. Just like my father during my younger days, my husband never missed the important events in our children's life. Both dropped everything in favor of being present in their children's lives.

Both know what sacrificing for the family means. They did not simply talk about it. They live it.  

My Say

How exactly do we measure a father's courage? Should it be by the number of physical fights he's been into? Should it be by the amount of material comfort he is able to provide?

For me, the real courage of a father is the constancy of his presence and support no matter what. It is about selfless giving without fanfare. It is about being the strength that holds the family together.

That said, thank you Tatay for being a father up to your last breathe. The first and last time I saw you cry was when I had my first heartbreak. You were brave for me until I gathered enough courage on my own. You will remain in my heart forever. 

Of course not to forget, thank you to my husband for loving our children. I cannot tell you enough how much comfort it gives me in knowing that you will take care of them whatever happens.

Have a Jolly Father’s Day!

Watch this special video prepared by Jollibee especially for Father's Day

Para sa mahal at pinakamatapang kong tatay
Ngayong darating na June 21, i-celebrate nating lahat ang pinakamatapang na lalaki sa buhay natin kasama ang Jollibee. 
Dahil this coming Father’s Day, #BeedaSiTatay! 
Jollibee is also on Twitter & Instagram: @jollibee

Para sa mahal at pinakamatapang kong tatay
Ngayong darating na June 21, i-celebrate nating lahat ang pinakamatapang na lalaki sa buhay natin kasama ang Jollibee. Dahil this coming Father’s Day, #BeedaSiTatay! :)We're also on Twitter & Instagram: @jollibee
Posted by Jollibee on Tuesday, June 16, 2015

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