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Stereotyping - we are exposed to this play on human perception in every aspect of our lives. More often than not, we tend to overgeneralize and brand people into certain types or groups based on a common practice or characteristic. This kind of judgment usually results to inaccuracies  and baseless limitation. Re-Search seeks to change all that beginning from the way we conduct our searches online particularly about professions.

What is Re-Search?

Re-Search is a browser extension developed by Semcon that provides equal space to men and women representation when conducting searches by profession. Image searches will produce a more extensive display putting the pictures of the underrepresented gender along with the "dominant" one. A new search window automatically opens to reveal other possibilities.

Semcon Markus Granlund President and CEO

Why Did Semcon Develop Re-Search?

Semcon came up with this idea when they realized that not too many women are considering engineering jobs. Being a developer of a wide range of products used by everyone, it has come to the conclusion that the the image of an engineer needs to be broadened if it is to attract more women into its workforce.  It believes that it can benefit from all kinds of perspectives of both genders in product development. 

Semcon Anna Funke Team Leader Re-Search
If Semcon's intention is to correct the biased results of an image search for engineers, why is it extending the application to other professions as well?  Simple enough logic here, and that is to expand the function to make Re-Search relevant to more people. Semcon created an inspiring picture of many professions, recognizing the reality that professions are not the monopoly of any gender.

Destroying the Stereotype

So we say Football Players are men...don't think so

and we say Nurses are women...don't think so either

Pre-School Teachers are women...think again

and Presidents are men...NO way.

Gender Equality in the Work Force

Gender equality starts with disregarding perceptions and stereotypes. It starts with young boys and girls believing they can be anything they want. It is reinforced by employers actually hiring people according to capabilities and not according to gender. When a profession is presented as gender-neutral, no unnecessary limitations are set. Semcon embodies this very ideal from recruitment, team composition, and management level.

My Say 

This is one endeavor we must support. The proposition is simple but the expected result is far-reaching. 

That said, anyone can help towards its improvement. With its open source platform, other professions with stereotypical image results can be added. Don't let stereotypes narrow down our choices because of popular perception. We can be what we want to be.

Watch this video and understand the value of Re-Search:

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